New Report Questions Blue Light’s Effects on Sleep Cycle

The new paper challenges a long-supported theory that blue light exposure before bedtime can significantly disrupt healthy sleep patterns.

Jul 08, 2024

Philips Hue Launches New Circadian Products Alongside App Updates

Twilight serves as a unique companion to circadian lighting systems that acts as a wake-up and wind-down light meant to mimic dusk and dawn transitions.

Jun 24, 2024

DarkSky Association Report Calls for Vendors and Installers to Step Up Their Lighting Game

A smarter use of fixtures and spectrum can lead to impressive installations with a lesser impact on the surrounding environment.

Jun 24, 2024

Creating Immersive Lighting Systems that Emphasize Human Health and Wellness

Human-Centric Lighting (HCL) conversations should take into consideration combining elements such as circadian lighting, aesthetics, and motorized shades.

May 27, 2024