PowerHouse Alliance’s Commitment to Training Programs Helps Win Quest for Quality Award

Thanks in part to its dedication to providing dealer training programs and technical support, PowerHouse Alliance won four Quest for Quality Awards this year.


In the last year, the PowerHouse Alliance has shown an increased commitment to bettering the CE industry. Thanks to its wide variety of training programs offered throughout the U.S., as well as its technical support team, the company won four Quest for Quality Awards in the distributor category. 

“In 2018 alone, we provided over 200 training and local trade show-style special events with updates on security, home control, networking, audio/video, and other installation best practices,” says Dennis Holzer, executive director, PowerHouse Association. 

This increase of support for training programs earned the PowerHouse Alliance a platinum Quest for Quality Award. 

To complement its dedication to education, the distributor also won a gold Quest for Quality Award for its technical support. 

“Though we have training programs for many of our vendor partners across home control, networking, audio, and many other consumer electronics categories, integrators also benefit from expertise and support provided by their local PowerHouse Alliance distributor.

“Each distributor’s team is knowledgeable on industry trends, offering a one-stop shop for products, the expertise to help guide them through system design, installation best practices, troubleshooting, and finally the technical support on thousands of products,” says Holzer.

PowerHouse Alliance Wins For Trade Show Presence, Social Media 

In addition to its training program and tech support wins, PowerHouse Alliance won two other Quest for Quality Awards this year, a silver for trade show presence, and a silver for social media presence. 

“The PowerHouse Alliance brings a local touch to national distribution, and trade shows are one of the few times when all of our members convene in one location alongside our vendor partners. At CEDIA Expo especially, we connect in our booth with our current dealers. In addition, we have added our own A2V brand, and shows allow us to display our complete lineup including our newest products to the industry for in-person demos,” comments Holzer.

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The distributor also makes good use of the #avtweeps tag on Twitter, helping gain traction and attention via social media. 

“Connecting with our dealers and the ‘#AVTweeps’ community on social media is important for PowerHouse, as they and our members are spread across the country,” says Holzer. 

“The group is proud to be recognized for our presence in our industry’s news feeds, as we spread the word on dealer education and training, relevant events from a variety of our vendor partners, and news from our members and the community.”