Lenbrook Invites Integrators to ‘Put on Running Shoes’ at CEDIA Expo 2018

Lenbrook (booth #5435) will debut new BluOS interface, speakers from DALI and PSB, and conduct multiple educational sessions.


“If an integrator only has 5 minutes to stop by our booth at the CEDIA Expo, I hope he brings his running shoes,” says Joe de Jesus, product manager for Lenbrook.

Indeed, the company will have new products from BluOS and PSB, and CEDIA Expo 2018 will mark the debut of the new collaboration between DALI (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries) and Lenbrook, its new U.S. distributor.

In the Lenbrook booth #5435, the two companies will be showcasing for the first time DALI’s Sound Hub and companion Callisto-series wireless speakers on Lenbrook’s BluOS wireless multiroom streaming platform.

“The central theme of our booth this year is the BluOS platform,” says de Jesus. “Back in 2013, we introduced our dream to have a streaming platform that would do high resolution.”

De Jesus says BluOS has graduated to the point where it now has 17 equipment or music service providers. The company will also be announcing important updates to BluOS at CEDIA that will include upgrades to many key CI brands.

“We want to show at CEDIA Expo how BluOS is able to shake hands with all the major command and control solutions,” he says.

The new $4,300 to $5,300 Callisto series active floorstanding and stand-mount speakers are packaged with a $450 Sound Hub BluOS streaming module to sends uncompressed 96kHz/24-bit two-channel audio wirelessly from connected stereo sources.

“We want to show at CEDIA Expo how BluOs is able to shake hands with all the major control and command solutions.”

— Joe de Jesus, Lenbrook

“So you can stream from any source directly to the speaker itself. That’s pretty exciting. We believe you do not have to trade off performance to have something with that high level of refinement,” says de Jesus.

The solution also marks the first time the Lenbrook-developed BluOS wireless-multiroom platform is available from a brand other than the Lenbrook-owned NAD and Bluesound brands.  

The platform supports high-res audio up to 192kHz/24 bits and multiple lossy and lossless audio formats, including master-quality MQA.

Also in the Lenbrook booth, PSB will be debuting four new in-ceiling speaker models built on the company’s existing platform and features several installer-friendly elements, from a pre-construction bracket to the grille kit.

On Thursday, Sept. 6 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Lenbrook will conduct a manufacturer training session in room 2 at the San Diego Convention Center.