How a ‘Custom’ Integrator Hangs a TV

Client wanted to replace an old rear-projection TV with a 65-inch OLED. Here’s how a home-technology professional does it. Take THAT, hang-and-bangers!

How a ‘Custom’ Integrator Hangs a TV

This custom-TV install by Gadget Audio & Video was much more than a $99 hang-and-bang job, with a faux wall, articulating mount and access panel.

When smart-home professionals tout their “custom” capabilities, they usually talk about their technological prowess – how they can integrate smart lights with motorized shades, write a macro for “entertainment” mode, or create user interfaces incorporating images of the family dog.

But we often overlook one very important capability of most home-tech pros: a knowledge of home construction, carpentry, cabinet-making, and everything in between.

When called upon to mount a TV, for example, the pros will know where the studs are, how much weight they can support, how to fortify the mounting location, how to hide cables and electronics, and how to dress up the installation with LED lighting, woodwork and other design touches.

“Have a custom cabinet? Then you need a custom AV company.” 

— Jason Haas,
Gadget Audio & Video,
on social media

Jason Haas, owner of Gadget Audio & Visual Solutions in East Rockaway, N.Y. shows us what you get when you hire a pro to install a TV, rather than a Craigslist or Amazon technician promising $99 installs.

His company was called in to replace a rear-projection TV – dang those things last forever – with a 65-inch OLED TV.

Instead of just slapping the new screen over the space left by the old display, Haas went to work in the company’s shop to create all the fixin’s for a new install.

“We fabricated a flat black false wall off-site to mount the TV to,” Haas writes on social media.

An articulating bracket was used to accommodate custom cabinetry that matched the rest of the built-ins, and an access panel provided easy acces to the TV and electronics for service.

Haas advised his followers: “Have a custom cabinet? Then you need a custom AV company. What can Gadget do for you?”

Not Your Amazon's TV Install

Goodbye, old rear-projection display that never dies.

Back at the Haas shop — building a false wall to mount the new OLED on.

Creating access panel

Positioning the faux wall (with access panel) and mount so the display is positioned perfectly.


A big articulating mount, plus access panel on the faux wall allows easy access to the technology.


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