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Why Communication with Customers Is Pivotal for Integrators Amid Supply Crisis

Integrators who want to keep their projects running smoothly throughout 2021 would be wise to focus more on good customer communication practices.

Zachary Comeau · July 19, 2021

Hiring Integrators in a Hybrid World

Be sure to really understand what the company is looking for when hiring a new employee, including whether experience or adaptability is more desirable for a given job.

CE Pro Editors · July 15, 2021

5 Ways AV Business Leaders Can Help Employees Overcome COVID-19 Challenges

Many business leaders understand the importance of employee happiness, but focusing on a few key areas may lead to better results and a more energized workforce.

CE Pro Editors · July 12, 2021

5 Tips for Selling ‘Scope’ and Converting More Project Proposals

By focusing more on asking important lifestyle questions and less on selling equipment, integrators can more effectively convert project proposals into sales.

Curt Hayes · July 08, 2021

Breaking Down Current Workplace Vaccine Requirements For Integrators

Now that multiple COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed across North America, integration firms must develop their own policies around workplace vaccinations.

Zachary Comeau · July 07, 2021

We All Work For Sales: How Good Customer Experiences Can Lead to Growth

Industry expert Pete Baker shares two recent experiences that highlight the importance of good customer service, and how that service requires every employee to buy-in and have a healthy mindset.

Pete Baker · July 06, 2021

7 Ways to Build Trust with Your Ideal Customers

Focusing on social media engagement and ensuring your site is easy to use are two extremely important elements of attracting the right customers. Here’s how to take action.

CE Pro Editors · July 05, 2021

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start Selling Service-Based Plans

As consumer cashflow continues to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever for integrators to focus on RMR options.

Zachary Comeau · June 24, 2021

4 Key Business and Lifestyle Trends Transforming Customer Demand

Certain markets like work-from-home and security and surveillance saw huge upticks in consumer interest in 2020, so be sure to keep targeting these areas as 2021 hits its midway point.

CE Pro Editors · June 17, 2021

How Exceptional Customer Service and Communication Can Differentiate You From Other Integrators

Business leaders looking to separate their company from the pack should be sure to ask themselves the right questions, like ‘What makes your company so different?’

CE Pro Editors · June 15, 2021