Ultimate ISC Tech Guide: Hottest Products & Trends in Security, Home Automation

ISC West 2018 teems with new security and home-automation products highlighting trends in video surveillance & analtyics, AI-enabled alarm sensors, assisted-DIY solutions and more. CE Pro’s Julie Jacobson has it here.

Ultimate ISC Tech Guide: Hottest Products & Trends in Security, Home Automation

CE Pro's Julie Jacobson shares some of the hottest (and, um, most interesting?) new technologies and trends in security and home automation, with an Ultimate Tech Guide to ISC West 2018.

Not surprisingly, some of the most interesting trends and technologies in home automation and IoT emerge every year at ISC West, the big trade show for the security industry — physical security, that is, not cybersecurity although that's changing fast.

Here at ISC West 2018, we're seeing some really interesting alarm sensors, a few cool new smart locks (I was surprised too), video surveillance with smarter search engines, recurring revenue (RMR) opportunities. We share all of our early finds in this Ultimate ISC Guide, available in a Slideshare format (below). 

The presentation supplements our recent ISC Preview Webinar, where we provided color commentary on the key trends explored in the presentation. For all that discussion — between IoT guru Avi Rosenthal, Alula's Dave Mayne and myself — make sure to catch the recorded Webinar here.


Ultimate ISC West 2018 Guide – Security, Home Automation Tech & Trends

  1. 1. HOSTSHOSTS ISC 2018 Preview SPONSOR Julie Jacobson founding editor CE Pro Avi Rosenthal principal IoT Consulting Dave Mayne VP Product Mgmt Alula SECURITY & HOME AUTOMATION +++ WEBINAR APRIL 5 SPONSORsecurity mostly residential, but not all … trends, technologies, products surprises and discoveries 50+pages, bjillion pics JULIE JACOBSON’S BIG, FAT, ULTIMATE PRE-ISC 2018 PRESENTATION smart home
  2. 2. Very Important Notes Webinar Recorded 4/5/18 Available here ISC Shaming Not exhibiting at show  Go ahead and click. Links are live in pdf NOTES Julie Jacobson juliejac1@gmail.com @juliejacobson RIGHT THERE WHERE IT SAYS
  3. 3. ISC 2018: Setting the Stage • Mass-market smart-home installation services • Cybersecurity – real and imagined threats • Insurance involvement (insurtech) • New generation of users (self-serve, not full service) • Itinerant Millennials – renters, movers, sharers • AI is real (but not much in traditional dealer channel) • Convergence of physical/digital security (CSO for the home?) • Icontrol, Alarm.com, Comcast/Xfinity mash-up • Super-powerful chipsets (more processing at the edge, not cloud) • Regulatory – smoke/fire, cyber, more – Johnson Controls – first NVR with ‘UL Cybersecurity Assurance” cert
  4. 4. Mergers & Acquisitions • ipDatatel + Resolution Products = Alula … new end-to-end security solutions provider from sensors to cloud • ADT – IPO • ADT Acquires Datashield … ups ante in cybersecurity, edges closer to the home • Nest + Google … Officially combined for big, growing ecosystem • Sigma (Z-Wave) – Silicon Labs … More resources from tech company focused on IoT • MONI – Brinks … Nest Secure now monitored by Brinks? Do consumers care? • Assa Abloy (Yale) acquires August … Well positioned for ‘unattended access’ market • Johnson Controls acquires Tyco … Now JC has DSC. What will it do with Tyco’s ownership share of Qolsys? • FLIR – ends consumer run – sells Lorex to Dahua • Icontrol sold to Alarm.com and Comcast/Xfinity … Alarm.com rocks 2017 • Ring acquires Zonoff assets • UEI acquires RCS … First time at ISC with slate with OEM remotes, Ecolink IoT devices, RCS thermostats • DirecTV divests Lifeshield … Just a couple years after Echostar/Dish dumped its security initiative • SnapAV acquired by VC firm … Money to play with • SnapAV acquires Midwest distributor Allnet … New brick-and-mortar play? • Foxconn acquires Linksys (Belkin, Wemo, Phyn) … Ramp up big PHYN JV for water management, leak detection? • Comcast acquires Stringify … Starting to see new IoT devices and connections from it • Amazon acquires Ring and Blink … Now in the security business (Ring Alarm), stretched into more neighborhoods
  5. 5. Security & Smart Home Key Trends, Themes, Topics 75% of connected-home devices are purchased through service providers today, due to strong go-to-market access. McKinsey & Co.
  6. 6. Smart Home Trends • Security still the key driver for smart-home • Voice assistants drive adoption ► • AI / machine learning / predictive analytics – Where in pro home security, home automation? • Return from cloud to edge? (“fog” computing) • No real movement towards a standard • Rethinking ecosystems – open, closed, curated • Deployment (install, retail, DIY-assist, etc.) • Homebuilders & developers – Going DIY and ‘name’ brands – Amazon, Nest, Samsung, Homekit – Reducing wire runs (the troubling case of Lennar & ‘Wi-Fi Certified’) VOICE CONTROL DRIVES IoT ADOPTION Among Amazon Echo owners, 48% bought their first home-automation product only after acquiring the Echo. Among Google Home owners, 57% purchased their first IoT device after the smart speaker entered their lives. NPD, 2017 TRENDS & TOPICS
  7. 7. Security Trends • Security still the key driver for smart-home • Pro security still strong • DIY install, pro monitoring, no contracts • Fewer sensors, more multisensors • Video surveillance, search, non-invasive CV • More anomaly detection, less ‘trigger’ • New authentication methods (biometrics, voice) • Converging physical security & data security: ‘CSO’ • Extending home security to mobile/personal safety • Insurtech influences – Water detection and shut-off – Fire detection and warning systems Source: Parks Associates, 2017 TRENDS & TOPICS
  8. 8. AI / Machine Learning • It’s really happening • Distributed computing > smarter decisions • Dialing up the sensitivity – motion, sound, environment • Anomaly detection • Examples – Vacation lighting (the early days) – Voice recognition (Alexa) – Facial recognition (Google ) – Pre-fire detection (One Prevent ) – Infrasonic sound (Cocoon ) – Motion patterns (Alzheimer’s detection ) TRENDS & TOPICS BUT WE’RE SURE NOT SEEING MUCH OF IT IN THE TRADITIONAL PRO CHANNEL
  9. 9. DIY + Pro: Where we Stand PRICES – from $10 for everything, including video storage, cellular backup and monitoring (Ring) SMOKE / CO – most don’t offer pro monitoring VIDEO VERIFICATION – most don’t support TRENDS & TOPICS • Mass market – alarm + automation – Nest Secure – monitored by Moni, now Brinks – Honeywell (Indiegogo) – monitored by Honeywell – ADT + Saumsung SmartThings – monitored by ADT – Ring Alarm (now Amazon) – unnamed central station • More pro-like services – UL for life safety (not necessarily fire) – Cellular – Pro monitoring – Security-centric sensors – Video verification (e.g., i-View Now) • More deployment options NEXT PAGE ▻ Nest Secure Ring Alarm
  10. 10. Smart Home Deployment • Independent installers/integrators • Retail  – Lowe’s, Best Buy, Sears, Target – Hybrid: Vivint @ Best Buy – Specialty, e.g., TreeHouse • Assisted DIY – Ordered online, configured at factory, shipped for self-install • Mass-market installs (co. employees)  – Amazon Smart Home Services – Dish Smart Home Services – Best Buy Smart Home Services – Cable and security companies • Installation/delivery firms and aggregators  – Installernet, Enjoy, Sears Home Services • New players – Insurance, Utilities (again) • Homebuilders & developers TreeHouse Cool new concept Check it out! DISH Smart Home Services looking to expand Vivint @ Best Buy Vivint’s own employees, and they’re good! TRENDS & TOPICS
  11. 11. Tech Ecosystem: Open vs. Closed • Open ecosystem and APIs – More interoperability and options – Potentially worse user experience – Potentially more security vulnerabilities – Consumer confusion and frustrations – Tech-support challenges • Closed – Traditional home-technology roots – Main vendor and carefully vetted partners – Controlled consumer experience – Potentially more secure and reliable – Potentially better tech support • Curated – Best of both worlds … or worst Yeah, that blows, but the stuff DOES work. Man, I HATE that Alarm.com makes us use their cameras. Why can’t they do ONVIF?! TRENDS & TOPICS
  12. 12. Purpose-Built, End-to-End Systems • Benefits – UI for user – UI/dashboards for dealer – Different implementations of “dual path” – Data encryption, cybersecurity – Hardware considerations, incl. camera integration – Framework for upgrades – Implications for insurance providers and other non-traditional buyers/subsidizers – Data collection and analysis for monetization and research – Business models … interesting possibilities Closed or curated system designed, built, delivered as a unified solution with tightly integrated parts, services, communications, software, industrial design …. ISC EXAMPLES ———————————————- PROVIDERS • Alula • Honeywell • Napco • DSC (Tyco, Johnson Ctrls) • DMP ELEMENTS PROVIDED • Hub, security sensors • IoT devices (or provisions for them) • Uis across the board (hardware, software, including apps) • Alarm communicators (IP, cell) • Cloud processing/analytics, including camera integration • Messaging – email, SMS • Comms with monitoring stns • Bonus for video verification • Bonus for dealer programs TRENDS & TOPICS
  13. 13. SPONSOR – ALULA alula.net • History: Resolution Products + ipDatatel – Tradition meets modern-day tech – Built in IP era, self-help generation • End-to-end alarm solution – End devices (panel, sensors, UIs) – Communications protocols (automation, security) – Alarm communicators (IP, cellular) – Cloud service – User interfaces throughout the chain • Integrated video surveillance • Flexible architecture – Multiple applications – Multiple business models • Dealer-Centric, Business-Friendly – Management tools – Branded dealer portal – Tech tools, e.g., takeovers – Certification, marketing, training • IoT industry engagement • Developed in harmony • Secure end-to-end • Enhancements as a system • Support end-to-end BENEFITS
  14. 14. SPONSOR alula.net BOOTH #22059

    Resolution + ipDatatel = Alula

  15. 15. Alarm Systems CATCH THE COLOR COMMENTARY! Webinar Recorded 4/5/18 www.www.cepro.com/webinars
  16. 16. ‘Traditional’ Alarm System Manufacturers @ ISC • 2GIG (Nortek) • Alula (Resolution Products + ipDatatel) • Bosch • Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) • DSC (Tyco > Johnson Controls) • Elk Products • Honeywell • Interlogix (UTC) • Napco (Nasdaq: NSSC) • Qolsys (Tyco, now Johnson Controls, owns 51%; soon 100%) • Risco (Popular in Europe, coming to U.S.) ALARMS BOSCH G450 GATEWAY Built in Vera hardware, MiOS platform, gateway adds Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi integration to Bosch B and G Series alarm panels.
  17. 17. Trend: Headless, Lightweight Pro Alarms Panels 2GIG Rely (Nortek) Small, self-contained security with SHaaS by SecureNet, INTERLOGIX ZeroWire Security and Z-Wave with SHaaS by Interlogix’s UltraSync – incredibly, free cloud service to the dealer. Also sold by sister company Carrier as ‘Cor’ for HVAC channel ALULA Helix Alarm, Connect+ Platform Formerly Resolution Products ‘Headless’ security + Z-Wave, shown with low-cost keypad with e-paper display. SHaaS by ipDatatel. – ‘Headless’ systems – like the old days, with hidden hubs and standalone Uis – Stripped-down self-contained systems – low cost, simple to configure – User-installable, pro-monitoring – UL-rated for life-safety ALARMS
  18. 18. Trend: Headless & Lightweight NEW PRODUCT! NEW TO U.S. MARKET! NEW! DMP XTL+ With Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Cellular, 900 MhZ RISCO Wicomm • Company well established in Europe, new to U.S. market • Self-contained security system, with Risco’s own cloud service • Home automation via the cloud • Camera integration, video verification via Risco cloud • IP and/or cellular communications • Kit includes PIR/camera • Packaged for DIY-Assist programs • ‘Advanced’ Dealer/CMS Tools for account management • Dealer brandable NEW! JOHNSON CONTROLS DSC Iotega Self-contained security with SHaaS by SecureNet ALARMS
  19. 19. Video Surveillance
  20. 20. Surveillance – More RMR (or just more fees?) • Cloud Storage • Analytics – Facial recognition – Activity detection, anomalies – Smart time lapse • Video search & review tools – IC Realtime Ella, Briefcam • Video verification • Cellular – just plain’ cell service – Telular/Telguard + Arlo – Netgear Arlo standalone VIDEOGOOD READ Who ‘Owns’ Outdoor Surveillance Video?  TELGUARD + ARLO Dealers can earn RMR on Telguard’s cell-equipped Arlo Go outdoor cameras, even without integrated it into Telguard’s SHaaS (smart home as a service) platform. Surveillance providers charge for cloud-enabled services such as facial recognition, advanced search and other analytics. DEALERS CAN CHARGE TOO and enjoy RMR from smarter surveillance
  21. 21. Smart Search • NEW! IC Realtime’s Ella ► – May be only consumer-oriented solution with advanced video search – Search by text, color, activity, object, many other parameters – Review snippets or time-lapse recordings of relevant footage • Briefcam – Similar to Ella (and more) but has not yet been implemented in consumer-oriented gear. Soon … ▼ ELLA “Show me red trucks.” VIDEO
  22. 22. I-View Now: Pro video monitoring for DIY • Video verification service for third-party alarm systems, especially DIY • Account management platform for dealers • Shared RMR • Works with – Honeywell DIY – Honeywell Performance Series – Hikvision – EZViz – NEW! ADT Pulse SMB video verification – NEW! Nest cameras – Tyco DSC Power Series Neo – DMP – Rapid Response first I-View Now ‘Ready Plus’ Monitoring Center – MAS communications module PROFILE
  23. 23. Non-invasive video analytics (computer vision) • Less is more – Before: Cameras showed more – Now: Cameras show less, reveal more – Images processed locally for analytics, not shared • Examples – Thermal imaging – Spatial analytics – disruption of RF waves, light, pixels – Facial analysis, mood recognition • Use cases – Seniors: changes in activity, gait, other behaviors – Recognize unknown people, gestures, facial expressions – Capture, analyze activity not seen by the naked eye FLIR Thermal imaging can detect people, water leaks, drafts, critters, other ‘invisible’ activity. VIDEO
  24. 24. • Cloud – Powerful computing platforms up there ▲ – Learnings from huge populations, not just one household ▲ – Enterprise-grade security not available to most consumers ▲ – Speedy implementation of security patches ▲ – Lower cost hardware, cheaper replacement when obsolete ▲ – Needs always-connected LAN and Internet ▼ – Constant Wi-Fi exchange drains battery ▼ – Privacy concerns among many consumers ▼ • Fog – Does not require a connection to the Internet ▲ – Low latency, message retransmissions if failure ▲ – Security/privacy advantages – less data leaves device ▲ – Reduce burden on network, no extraneous data shared ▲ – Distributed processing for system-wide learning & sharing ▲ Trend: Cloud Moving to Edge (‘Fog’) ESPECIALLY IN VIDEO VIDEO Oh what an SoC can do at the edge! Here’s an example. Movidius VPU (visual processing unit) Myriad 2 powers Google Clips camera • Always-on processor • Machine learning locally, no cloud • Improves power consumption (less Wi-Fi use, no extra data sent) • Reduced latency • Offline use New SoCs combine: • Neural engines • Voice processing • Computer vision • On-device learning • Wireless • Multi IoT protocols • Security provisions • More
  25. 25. Video Analytics at the Edge @ ISC VIDEO BOSCH “Majority of our cameras now feature on-board video analytics as a standard.’ + HIMAX low-power CMOS imaging sensors + EMZA VISUAL SENSE machine-vision algorithms + DSP GROUP’s ultra-low power always-on processor … Commercially available coin-sized battery-operated module can detect, track, classify, count, understand context and describe observations … using a few mW of power. NEW! WiseEye IoT DSP booth @ ISC ICE TECH (Zhixin) Chips and visual engines with deep learning, data analytics, vSLAM technology to map the environment with minimal processor requirements More than 350 million IVE (Intelligent Video Engine) – enabled chipsets deployed. Applications include flame recognition, facial recognition, people counting, vehicle ID PLUS Nvidia ON Semiconductor Many more
  26. 26. Sensors
  27. 27. Where the Sensors (and Mics) Are • Cameras – Motion detection, facial recognition, computer vision • Microphones (audio analytics) • Smarter bulbs – mics, motions, cameras … • Smarter switches (Brilliant , Plum , Noon ) • Wearables • Light waves (LiFi) • Packed into one multisensor ► • Network activity (Fing ) • RF waves – Vayyar, Aura Home , Legrand  SENSORS LynkD / Safetech / RPH Engineering Nexus Wifi multi-Sensor measures motion, light, sound, temp + device movement via 3-axis accelerometer.
  28. 28. Vayyar PROFILE • Uses radar sensing to see through walls & objects and create 3D images of what’s inside • Develops 3D imaging sensors for applications including breast cancer screening, detecting water leakage, people tracking, vital signs, and more.
  29. 29. Laser & Radar @ ISC MAGNASPHERE MOTION BY INXPECT MSK Series Sensors “The Only FMCW-based radar sensor for motion detection applicable to indoor and outdoor areas.” Radar-based sensor reads real-time distance of moving target, and estimates its size. Filters out motion from pets, birds, pests. Can send 3 different signals for motion in three configurable area. Alarm and pre-alarm ranges of up to 20m/65ft with accuracy of 30cm/1ft, sensitivity. Pivoting head. Presence analysis. SENSORS Laser and Radar Sensors Coming to the Home … at some point (get it … point?) GJD with Lilin Americas Laser sensors create ‘virtual curtains’ – programmable to within 10cm. Quanergy LiDAR sensors to enable rapid 3D detection, measurement, tracking, identification and classification of objects; people tracking based on unique surface profile curvature Xandar Tech “100% miss detection free presence detection without using any thermal imaging or camera systems – even during still motion, no motion (sleeping) or even while holding their breath. XANDAR also has people counting technology using IR-UWB RADAR.”
  30. 30. Kentix (also at booth: D-Link, Axis) • Protects servers, critical-equipmt rooms from physical threats – 50% of IT blackouts caused by physical threats, not IT – GDPR-friendly – Other applications: fire-protection case study in senior living – Complete cloud service, alerting system, redundancy • New kind of ‘multisensor’ – up to 30 threat detections – Temperature, humidity, CO2, fire, sabotage, power loss, access – Algorithms, sensors deep insight into threats ► • Cellular, IP, ZigBee • Convergence – Physical + Digital Security – Integrates with popular network management systems via API – One interface, alerting system for physical and digital threats PROFILE SMOLDERING FIRE – FIRE TEMP, ENVIRONMENT, HVAC SAMPLE THREAT DETECTIONS
  31. 31. Outside the Home {OOH}
  32. 32. Beyond the Home • Where – Home perimeter – Beyond home perimeter – Mobile/personal – Neighborhoods and communities • Technologies – Battery-powered, solar devices – Cellular services – Long-range communications – Sharing platforms • Products & services – Personal protection devices – Temporary self-contained (construction sites, e.g.) – M2M cameras – Cellular access controls OOH DAKOTA ALERT Vehicle detectors and long-range sensors that can communicate over miles.
  33. 33. Mobile Safety & Security • Personal firewall – IT on the road – e.g., Keezel • Automobile • Travel security products for hotel • 360 cameras – Parties, hotel rooms • Personal safety devices – GPS, 2-way talk, cameras, panic buttons, siren • Mobile Pers (mPERS) – Smarter with fall detection, anomaly detection OCCLY Panic button, four cameras, lighting, microphone, alarm siren, GPS OOH NUMERA / NORTEK Libris mPERS GPS, advanced fall detection, two-way talk. Docks at home for network integration FREEUS Belle+ mPERS GPS, Wi-Fi location, fall detection
  34. 34. Community, Neighborhoods • Sample initiatives – Ring Neighborhoods – Vivint Streety  – Next Door  – ‘Safe City’ programs – Witness Quest (Neighbor Watch Care) ► • Dealer benefits – Own the neighborhood, own the home – Logistical efficiencies • Crowd-sourced data – Suspicious activity (Ring, Vivint) – Network data (Fing ) – Pollution (Breezometer ) – Fire early warning (SFTY ) NEW! Witness Quest ✔ Make money with your SURVEILLANCE DATA! Taking advantage of the ever-growing popularity of cell-phone, residential, commercial, auto surveillance cameras, and blockchain technology, as well as eyewitness accounts, Witness Quest has created the only, fully anonymous, network of concerned citizens in the nation. We all benefit from having access to the maximum amount of footage and eyewitnesses possible. “Freedom is not free, our soldiers pay for our Freedom abroad, we must all do our part to protect our Freedom and Liberty at home.” Darrin John Berg, Founder Witness Quest, Neighbor Watch Care LLC OOH
  35. 35. Unattended Access • Walmart ‘straight-to-the-fridge’ trial – August locks and platform • Amazon Key – Cloud Cam security camera – Door locks from Kwikset or Yale (8 selections) – Communicates lock-to-cam over ZigBee • Phrame  – like Amazon Key for car • More everyday … Trends in Unattended Access – New vetting and authentication methods – On-demand trends – ‘Drop-off zones’ in new homes – New paradigms in real-estate showings – Buy stock in refrigerators NterNow  (formerly Call-a-Key) The new Realtor • Find NterNow home • Download app • Provide verifiable identify info (NterNow has unique process for user verification) • Receive one-time-use access code for lock • NterNow tracks data on shopping behaviors OOH BOX LOCK
  36. 36. CONVERGENCE Physical Security + Digital Security ‘Convergence of Physical and Information Security for Residential and Small Business’ ISC EDUCATION: CSO FOR THE HOME? Wed., April 11, 2:30 – 3:30 Sands 305, Level 1

    Get to Alula. Get there NOW.

  37. 37. Home Networking Trends, Cybersecurity • Wireless mesh • IP traffic analytics • Remote systems monitoring (with RMR) • Network gear w/ home-automation onboard • Network gear w/ cybersecurity onboard • Wi-Fi Certified Home Designs – Includes network mapping • Reduced wiring in new homes – “It’s all going wireless” – The case of Lennar LUXUL Robust networking solutions for home-technology specialists; a platform for third- party software such as parental controls and remote networking monitoring (via Domotz). NEW! Pair Luxul with Domotz software and Global Cache hardware to discover and monitor a wide range of connected devices.
  38. 38. IT / Physical Security Convergence • New paradigm in corporate security – Convergence of physical security (people and property) and digital security (data and privacy) – Blends security director with CIO, CTO, CISO – Strategic, risk mitigation • Example: Securifi Almond Guard  – Home automation, smart home, cybersecurity in one – Intelligent arming & disarming – Monitoring, diagnostics for network & connected devices SECURIFI Almond Guard protects against both physical and digital threats. Network threats look like any other alarm detections. WHERE ARE THE HOME-SECURITY ‘MAJORS’? No news yet on any physical/data security integration at this time. WHY? CONVERGENCE
  39. 39. Who Will be First Home CSO? • ADT? – Acquires DataShield, launches ADT Cybersecurity for biz – Adopts Norton Core firewall router from Symantec – Next stop: home? • Vivint?  – Created its own CSO position three years ago – Hints at implementing CSO-type biz for the home • Comcast / Xfinity?  – Already installs alarms, home automation, networking – Partnering with Cujo security appliance – xFi routers and modems with IoT and cybersecurity built in. – Experienced in remote monitoring and diagnostics. – Existing call centers, support for security, home automation, networking, Internet connectivity Becoming a Major Home CSO Provider PREREQUISITES – EXISTS FOR SECURITY CO’S TODAY • Feet on the street • Security/alarm expertise, licensing • Already touching the customer’s network, modest expertise • Central-station infrastructure & mentality • Remote monitoring framework • Business models for recurring revenue (RMR) NEEDED: IT monitoring station – third-party or home-grown – similar to security central stations CONVERGENCE
  40. 40. SnapAV • SnapAV – Leading home-tech supplier – Networking – Surveillance – Audio/video – Power management – More • OvrC – Managed services platform – Remotely monitor, manage, repair client networks & connected gear – Discover all IP devices on the network – Drill into OvrC-enabled systems, including Lutron lighting – 24/7 end-user support available via third party providers such as Parasol PROFILE ‘Reduce truck rolls, create new RMR with smart home monitoring’ Wed., April 11, 12:30 – 2:30 Sands 101/102 ISC EDUCATION: OvrC MANAGED SERVICES
  41. 41. INSURANCE-DRIVEN Fire & Water Protection THAT’S WHAT WE’RE TALKIN’ ABOUT LITERALLY Webinar Recorded 4/5/18 www.www.cepro.com/webinars
  42. 42. Leak Detection, Water Shut-off • Water Damage Facts – #2 most filed insurance claim in U.S. – Claims by 37% of homeowners – 93% of water damage is preventable – Average residential claim from a broken pipe >$10,000 – Mold starts to grow within 24 hours of standing water • Monitoring & Mitigation – Water sensors installed near pipes, appliances, etc. – Flow monitor on main water line detects anomalies – Optional water shut-off valve – End-user analytics for water conservation GUARDIAN BY ELEXA  NON-INVASIVE. Torques shut-off valve with motorized arm. Z-Wave, Wi-Fi versions available PHYN, LLC  $40 million JV with Belkin, now owned by Foxconn; water conservation and leak mitigation FIRE & WATER
  43. 43. Leak Detection, Water Shut-off @ ISC Pipeburst Pro NEW! Pipeburst Pro 4 Residential version can control up to 20 wireless devices and split into two separate zones. Akwa Technologies Sensors, probes controller, shut-off valve. If no human presence detected for 12 hours, can send alert and close valve automatically. StreamLabs NON-INVASIVE. Sits on main water line, uses ultrasonic sensing to monitor movement of water, detects anomalies (leaks, stoppages), measures water usage in real- time. Kentix FIRE & WATER
  44. 44. Trends: Fire Detection, Mitigation • Old days of “smart smoke detection” – ‘Smart’ listeners detect sound of dumb smokes – User conveniences like silencing by voice – Blinking lights, additional sensors, bells & whistles • Today’s “smart smoke detection” – Earlier detection • CV – Identify fire by color, heat, motion, more • AI – Analyze conditions amenable to fire (One Event ) • Better smoke-detection technologies (Nodon Eye ) – Loss mitigation • Positioning systems to locate people • See through smoke (Vayyar) • Stove turn-off (inirv ) • Close doors (LifeDoor ) • Alert neighbors (Sfty ) FIRE & WATER ONE EVENT / ONE PREVENT  Sends alerts when environmental conditions are conducive to a fire.
  45. 45. ONTECH – Wardiam ONE (under development) PROFILE ONTECH MAKES OTHER REALLY COOL THINGS Check them out at ISC! • Wardiam ONE Fire ► – Optical smoke sensor, CO detector – Brightness, temperature, humidity sensors – RGB LEDs, audible alarm – Thermal camera • Detects people, pets in smoky room – Laser pointer guides to exit – Tamper protection Smart Door Lock Wardiam Pro Detector Uses Controlled Magnetic Fields (CMF) technology for preventative and intrusion detection. Wardiam ONE Fire
  46. 46. Non-invasive Fire-Prevention/Mitigation INIRV  React turns off stove in dangerous conditions LIFEDOOR  closes the door in event of a fire. More at CE Pro. NORTEK 2GIG Grill Guard Two-piece solution works like traditional door/window sensor for grill and stove knobs. FIRE & WATER
  47. 47. ACCESS CONTROLS Locks, Video Doorbells Front-Door Cams
  48. 48. Locks, Doorbells, Front-Door Cams at ISC KWIKSET SmartCode 888 with Z-Wave just $129 retail. REMO+ DoorCam Slides right over existing door, with battery pack and Wi-Fi inside for convenience, portability and stronger network connectivity. YALE Peephole Cam Still a big fan … ACCESS SKYBELL Trim Plus Most prolific patent holder? One of the most well reviewed doorbell cams DOORBIRD Preferred among home-tech integrators
  49. 49. So they say … GATE LABS Smart Lock ($349) ‘World's first, all-in-one camera- equipped smart lock’ [but not actually] Doorbell, motion-activated camera, two- way audio, LED keypad, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Auto-access for “Verified partners” NETVUE TECHNOLOGIES “World’s first AI doorbell” “Voice intelligence” can provide automatic responses based on who’s talking. Auto-open door for scheduled appointments. Visitor can leave a message. Facial recognition. Now on Indiegogo ARBOR “The world’s most advanced video doorbell is also the world’s simplest. “ “world’s easiest installation, best picture quality, longest battery life, fastest video …” See also: Batis Life ACCESS
  50. 50. Parasitic / Complementary Cameras + Locks ▌GOOD READ Parasitic Smart Locks: August and Nest/Yale Sponge Power off Doorbells ▌ AUGUST August door lock + video doorbell NEST & Yale Nest Look Doorbell (or Nest Cam) + Nest x Yale lock AMAZON KEY Amazon Cloud Cam + 8 select cameras from Yale, Kwikset Thread/Nest WeaveBluetooth / BLE WIRELESS LOCK Efficient RF Protocol Battery operated Low bandwidth requirements Needs power-optimized RF 2-WAY COMMS Efficient RF Protocol WIRED DOORBELL Wi-Fi Wired to power Power consumption – no problem Serves as network gateway for lock Incl same low-rate RF as lock HOW IT WORKS: WIRELESS LOCK MOOCHES OFF OF WIRED CAMERA NETWORK Wi-Fi ZigBee ACCESS Other Nest/Weave devices
  51. 51. Amadas PROFILE AMADAS SMART LEVER LOCK BLE connectivity. Embedded keypad. AA batteries slide into interior handle. Shine flashlight onto solar cell for emergency recharge. DON’T MISS IT! Amadas Wedding Collection ►
  52. 52. SPONSOR alula.net
  53. 53. HOSTS ISC 2018 Preview SPONSOR April 11-13, 2018 Las Vegas TECHNOLOGY & BUSINESS TRENDS IN SECURITY & HOME AUTOMATION MAIN EVENT THANK YOU juliejac1@gmail.com ISC COVERAGE AT www.www.cepro.com/isc CATCH THE COLOR COMMENTARY! Webinar Recorded 4/5/18 www.www.cepro.com/webinars