George Walter, Theo Kalomirakis, David Rodarte Launch High-End Home Theater Biz

New company RAYVA will offer pre-designed home theater solutions made up of products from CEDIA manufacturers, engineered for integration and packaged for installation by home theater pros.


With hundreds of manufacturers in the market and thousands of products to choose from, home theater consumers and even integrators can sometimes get lost in the possibilities. Three industry veterans saw an opportunity to streamline decision-making while boosting sales for both manufacturer and integrator. And so they launched RAYVA.

The company is the brainchild of:

Walter will act as president of RAYVA, Kalomirakis as executive director and Rodarte as chief strategy officer.

RAYVA will offer a range of pre-designed home theater solutions made up of “best-in-class” products from CEDIA manufacturers. The products will be pre-engineered for integration, packaged for installation by home theater pros and include design elements, construction documents and accessories.

Think of it as a pre-packaged home theater kit that makes the whole integration part much easier, since all the products will be chosen based on their ability to talk to each other. RAYVA will work with AV manufacturers and industry experts to confirm compatibility and performance at a variety of price points.

“From design to installations, RAYVA offers a great way for home technology professionals to streamline their home theater projects and grow their business,” comments CEDIA CEO Vin Bruno. “The technical guesswork is taken out of the equation so companies have fewer hang-ups and can really focus on delivering an exceptional experience to their homeowner clients.”

Manufacturers that have signed up to participate include Barco, Cineak, Digital Projection, Integra, KEF and Wisdom Audio. (RAYVA expects more companies to be announced shortly.)

The Details

The offering will consist of products in four price categories: $68,000, $120,000, $250,000 and $500,000.

Something to note: the individual pricing of components and design accessories in each category will not be itemized, but variances in package prices will be possible to allow for different room sizes or upgrades.

RAYVA plans to collaborate with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the American Institute of Architects (AI) to promote its offering to ASID’s and AIA’s members. The model is designed to also include home builders. Designs for the offering will be generated by graduates of design schools curated by Kalomirakis and members the design community.

RAYVA theaters will be certified with CEDIA’s seal of approval.

Walter plans to reach out to the industry to understand their needs and requirements. RAYVA intends to launch initial product offerings at the International Builder’s Show (NAHB) in Orlando, January 10, 2017.