Luxul ProWatch Assists with Remote Management & RMR

The free cloud management service for connected devices enables easy access for troubleshooting, firmware updates, online/offline status, potential recurring revenue and more.


It’s safe to say the importance of today’s home networks and their myriad connected devices has never been higher. To maintain reliability and quickly resolve any issues, networking provider Luxul is set to roll out its new ProWatch cloud management solution to dealers in June.

ProWatch will enable integrators to remotely monitor and manage every device on their clients’ networks, getting real-time notifications of status and quickly resolving issues. As the company notes, the free service to Luxul dealers also offers potential to be implemented as part of remote management services to create a recurring revenue stream.

With cloud management, integrators can access their customers’ Luxul networks and connected devices at any time — from anywhere — in map or list views via an intuitive web interface, the company states.

Site-level indicators provide the online/offline status of connected devices and the availability of firmware updates, while customizable alerts notify integrators of issues via text or email.

Using the ProWatch cloud management platform, previewed at CEDIA Expo last fall, integrators can: configure devices remotely; perform firmware updates on select Luxul routers and wireless access points; and remotely power-cycle PDUs and PoE switches that fall offline.

“By allowing integrators to handle these simple system management tasks without rolling out a truck for a service call, the solution lowers operation costs while delivering a better experience for customers. The result is next-level customer service and an improved bottom line,” according to Luxul.

ProWatch Easy to Set Up, Provides Peace of Mind

Because dealers can perform routine maintenance as well as diagnose and troubleshoot issues from afar — often before customers even know there’s a problem — homeowners can save the headache of network downtime and the expense of an in-person service call, Luxul adds.

“And when there is a need for a service call, the dealer will be aware of it sooner and can arrive armed with information from the ProWatch service that could help fix it before it becomes an even bigger problem,” the company states.

“For homeowners who might have to wait days for a service call, depending on their location, that’s a comforting thought. It comes down to better smart home reliability and better efficiency and service from the dealer.”

Luxul explains that ProWatch takes little setup on the dealer’s part and implementation is as simple as installing a Luxul router into the network and turning it on.

By opening the app on their phone or tablet, dealers can see that ProWatch has automatically discovered the site. Integrators can give the customer system a name, hit save, and begin monitoring and managing the network immediately.

Besides automatically discovering the Luxul router, ProWatch will automatically find all IP devices connected to it, pull whatever device information is available into the app, configure them, and monitor whether they are online — even if they are not Legrand | AV (Luxul’s parent company) products.

Integrators will have detailed management and control of all Legrand | AV products through the ProWatch app, the company adds that Legrand | AV is looking toward integration with third-party devices in the future.