Make Lighting a Fixture of Your Outdoor Solutions Portfolio

Garden Light LED’s Bruce Kenison shares how lighting delivers style, substance and security to clients’ wide-ranging outdoor spaces.

Garden Light LED’s Bruce Kenison talks to CE Pro about how integrators can work with the company to offer various lighting fixture options to install in exterior projects.

The use of outdoor living spaces continues to grow, with homeowners spending more and more on making these areas beautiful and functional. However, many homeowners neglect to think about lighting. This is where custom integrators who design, sell and install exterior lighting can enhance their value with potential clients.

It’s simple to think of outdoor lighting as merely “landscape lighting” but the implementation of the technology addresses myriad activities and considerations. Lighting increases the usability of outdoor spaces, makes properties safer to traverse and more secure from criminals, and adds uniqueness and beauty, notes Bruce Kenison, national sales manager at Garden Light LED, a Tampa, Fla.-based provider of a variety of outdoor lighting solutions and services.

Kenison recently chatted with CE Pro about the enticing opportunity outdoor lighting sales can provide integrators. The lighting fixtures market and outdoor technology market combine two areas in which dealers are experiencing major momentum at the moment, too.

Because AV integrators are already on property and have the customer’s trust, they have a real opportunity to offer a more complete service to their customers by incorporating lighting if they are already planning on AV, surveillance, networking and other systems.

Garden Light LED Puts Integrators in Position to Profit

However, many integrators are concerned about how to design lighting projects, Kenison says. Garden Light LED, a U.S.-owned and -operated company, manufactures high-quality landscape and architectural lighting fixtures available, including unique specialty fixtures ideal for outdoor living.

“We are a perfect partner for AV integrators, offering comprehensive support and instruction — including design-specific guidance — with webinars, lighting plans and site visits. Our sales kit contains 10 of our most popular fixtures in a variety of finishes, ideal for showing customers the range of solutions you can provide,” Kenison says.

The company has much experience in the outdoor market thanks to its home base in the warm-weather state of Florida, but Kenison says the company works with integrators across the U.S.

Garden Light LED’s diverse product line includes multiple styles and finishes. One example is the company’s exclusive Micro Max, a matchbook-sized, self-contained solution, available in five beam patterns and with limitless applications, Kenison cites.

Fixtures are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, manufactured using CNC machining from 6061 anodized stainless aluminum and raw brass that’s e-coated for a clean, smooth finish, he explains.

“We also do all of our testing before we send fixtures out into the field, we do our testing right here in Tampa and we ship everything from our own facility,” Kenison adds. He notes that Garden Light LED acts as both manufacturer and distributor, so integrators can be assured of product availability as well as direct communications with the company for support services.

“We have direct relationships with dealers. We carry a minimum of six months’ worth of inventory so we can get product out very quickly, but we are fully integrated so it gives us complete quality control,” Kenison says, pointing out the company’s 20-year extended warranty.

Hear much more about the lighting fixture topic by checking out the video with Kenison above.