Remo+ Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Offers Ease of Installation

Remo+ outdoor video camera mounts on the door with battery pack and Wi-Fi chipset on the interior of the door.

Joe Kang from Remo+ says the Wi-Fi DoorCam is powered by three D batteries and the Wi-Fi chipset sits on the interior side of the door.

CE Pro Editors · December 20, 2017

With the doorbell camera market becoming more crowded every day, Remo+ is differentiating itself in the market with its Wi-Fi DoorCam surveillance system's ease of installation and its Wi-Fi enabled connectivity capabilities. 

"Instead of having drill into walls, all you need to do is hang it over the door," says Joe Kang, marketing and media relations for Remo+. "We have taken the five-step process of installing a doorbell came down to two."

Kang says the product category and the product really do not need explanation any longer. Dealers who came by the booth at CEDIA 2017 in San Diego "saw what it was and understood," says Kang. "They know it is a new solution that opens them up to a much bigger market. It is especially helpful for customers who live in apartments or condos that have HOA regulations that do not allow them to drill into the walls or do anything to their door to install these devices."

"We have taken the five-step process of installing a doorbell came down to two."
— Joe Kang, Remo+

Besides the ease of installation that allow the camera to be simply slide on a door, the camera is powered by 3 D batteries, which give it a battery life up to one year.  That power source also makes the Remo+ a portable solution. Kang says some consumers bring the camera with them when they go to their second home or vacation home. 

Both the battery pack and the Wi-Fi chipset are located on the interior of the door so they cannot be tampered with.  That positioning inside the home also enhances the Wi-Fi signal, with less chance of connectivity issues for the wireless connections.  Kang also believes the door mounting capabilities of the camera make it better suited for capturing quality images than a camera that requires being positioned beside the door or above the door. 

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