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Boston Integrator Updates Local Cancer Nonprofit’s Apartments and Rec Center

By Andrew Nichols · June 24, 2019 • Integration company Inspired Technology and Communications helped the Christopher's Haven non-profit by installing new Samsung TVs, Xbox consoles and more into 9 apartments used to provide free housing for families with children undergoing cancer treatment.

Xbox Project Scarlett Promises an 8K, 120fps Gaming Experience

By Andrew Nichols · June 10, 2019 • The newly announced Xbox Project Scarlett comes with goodies like 8K support, ray-tracing, solid state drives, and a next-gen AMD processor.

Microsoft Xbox One X Becomes First Device to Support New HDMI 2.1 Features

By Andrew Nichols · August 6, 2018 • The $499 Xbox One X gaming console will sport new HDMI 2.1 features like Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) in an upcoming firmware update.

Microsoft Adds Dolby Vision to Xbox One

By Andrew Nichols · July 16, 2018 • The Xbox One S and Xbox One X are both receiving updates to support Dolby Vision shortly, joining a small list of entertainment systems offering Dolby's latest technology.

Xbox is Big Win for WiSA Wireless Audio, But WiSA Must Help Itself

By Julie Jacobson · October 25, 2017 • For six years, the WiSA Association has struggled to achieve critical mass for its wireless surround-sound technology, but new member Xbox could change the game, so to speak. Meanwhile, WiSA needs a better website. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

CE Pro 100 Names Top Gaming System Brands

By Robert Archer · June 6, 2017 • Overtaking longtime category leader Sony, Microsoft garners the top spot in the category of Gaming Systems. Check out the complete list in our 2017 Brand Analysis.

Xbox One: Microsoft Debuts Next-Gen, Gesture-Controlled Console

By Grant Clauser · May 21, 2013 • Microsoft has unveiled its next-generation gaming console, the Xbox One, which uses voice and gesture control to let users play games, movies, TV, music and much more.