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SnapAV’s Distributor Acquisitions: The Amazon of Home Tech Channel?

By Julie Jacobson · April 3, 2019 • SnapAV CEO John Heyman on acquiring regional distributors: 'Literally' no other place where dealers can get all the best home-technology products, plus stellar back-end support.

Mountain Heritage Systems 40-Year Integration Strategy: Constant Change!

By Lisa Montgomery · October 3, 2018 • From installing industrial-strength controllers for ski resorts to tricking out an old-western saloon, Mountain Heritage Systems maintains a diverse log of projects and embraces change—a formula that's kept the company going from for four decades.

HTSA Touts Home Wellness as Next Big Thing in Lighting, IAQ, Acoustics, Home Automation

By Arlen Schweiger · April 10, 2018 • Don’t call it a buying group; the Home Technology Specialists of America ‘trade consortium’ welcomes record attendance to its spring conference, where emerging technology such as Delos’ DARWIN home health/wellness platform, energy management were highlighted.

Hacking 101: Why Video Surveillance Should be Left to the Pros

By Julie Jacobson · November 15, 2017 • When selling video surveillance systems to would-be DIYs, remind customers it's not just physical security to consider, but also data security, given all the cybersecurity hacks out there, especially through IP cameras.

Luma’s Network Monitoring and Tech Support Service Is Only $5 a Month

By Chelsea Cafiero · July 21, 2017 • Luma Guardian is a low-cost VPN service, antivirus, Internet speed monitor and tech support line all in one. And one-time Dos Equis pitchman, 'Most Interesting Man in the World,' Jonathan Goldsmith will make sure everyone knows it.

Lessons from DIY Networking: Solid Apps, Great Features, Cool Designs

By Julie Jacobson · December 8, 2016 • The home-technology integration channel could learn some things from DIY routers and apps, especially when it comes to industrial design. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Manage SnapAV’s Luma Surveillance IP Cameras Remotely Via OvrC

By Robert Archer · November 10, 2016 • SnapAV's new Luma IP cameras can be remotely set up and managed through the company's OvrC remote management platform.

CEDIA Scoop: SnapAV’s New Luma Surveillance Line with OvrC Blends Best of DIY & Pro

By Julie Jacobson · September 21, 2015 • SnapAV launches new IP and HD-analog surveillance line called Luma, with rich home automation integration and OvrC-enabled for remote system monitoring and management. Customer UI is DIY-simple, while dealer dashboard helps integrators manage all projects.