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Transformative Engineering HD-4K Extender Receives DPL Certification

By Robert Archer · April 11, 2018 • The Transformative Engineering HD-4K extender has earned DPL Labs' Full 4K HDR 18Gbps HDBaseT Category Cable Seal of Approval.

HDMI Corner: How to Prepare for 48G and Fend Off False Marketing Claims

By Jeff Boccaccio · October 3, 2017 • How can anyone legitimately claim their HDMI transmission lines (cables, fiber, wireless, etc.) are ready for the HDMI Rev 2.1 48G?

ICYMI: Now That 4K Is Widespread, We See All Those HDMI Problems

By Jeff Boccaccio · July 27, 2017 • DPL Labs tests performed on one popular 4K Blu-ray player that seemed to work with just about every product reveals some interesting — and disturbing — results.

Does the Far East Have What It Takes for HDMI 2.1 and 48Gbps?

By Jeff Boccaccio · June 23, 2017 • A seven-hour DPL Labs presentation at the HDMI Wire and Cable Association Conference in China elicited an intense Q&A about HDMI 2.1 and 48Gbps.

Small Testing Glitch Leaves More HDMI Rev 2.1 Questions Looming

By Jeff Boccaccio · May 23, 2017 • DPL Labs tried various devices, cable assemblies and connectors to figure out why a fixture and connector issue kept causing problems during its new HDMI test equipment setup.

DPL Labs: HDMI Rev 2.1 Has Phones Ringing Off the Hook

By Jeff Boccaccio · March 8, 2017 • DPL Labs shares the reaction it's heard from integrators, manufacturers and retailers about the latest HDMI revision.

HDMI Corner: Playing the Numbers Game with New Rev 2.1

By Jeff Boccaccio · February 13, 2017 • Under Rev 2.0b the 18Gbps pipe offered 4K 60Hz Deep Color and HDR. Now, with increased bandwidth we can achieve resolutions out to 5K, 8K and 10K with refresh rates much faster than ever.

HDMI Corner: Be Proactive About Active Cables’ Power Demands

By Jeff Boccaccio · January 20, 2017 • As True 4K Ultra HD products hit stores, you're going to have to use 'active' cables with much higher power demands. Where will all that power come from?

HDMI Corner: Is There a Traffic Jam on the HDMI Highway?

By Jeff Boccaccio · December 28, 2016 • Just because a product can pass an HDMI test does not mean it will always work within varied system environments. Under Rev 2.0b this only gets more complicated.

Decoding HDMI Bandwidth: What’s the Deal? Is It 10Gbps, 18Gbps or 30Gbps?

By Jeff Boccaccio · December 15, 2016 • What happens when an HDMI cable boasts 18Gbps but can't fight its way out of 10.2Gbps? Let's sort through the question of HDMI speed once and for all.

HDMI Corner: Will a Fiber Future Unfold for HDMI?

By Jeff Boccaccio · November 25, 2016 • Nine times out of 10, fiber’s performance will surpass copper by a huge margin. Jeff Boccaccio spells out some bacis factors when it comes to running fiber.

HDMI Corner: Navigate Noise & Voltage When Vaulting to 4K/60

By Jeff Boccaccio · November 10, 2016 • DPL Labs tests the integrity of an HDMI 5-volt line, which is the lifeblood of HDMI and 'should never be messed with.'

DPL Labs Certified Aurora Fiber HDMI Cable Delivers 18Gbps Up to 30 Meters

By Robert Archer · October 26, 2016 • With true, uncompressed Ultra HD 4K content now available, Tributaries Cable's new Aurora line of products deliver 18Gbps connectivity.

HDMI Corner: Making the Jump to 4K? Here’s How to Stick the Landing

By Jeff Boccaccio · October 10, 2016 • Manufacturers and integrators alike are tripping over themselves trying to 'make the jump' to high-speed 4K transmission.

HDMI Corner: What We Learned Talking to Major Manufacturers in China

By Jeff Boccaccio · June 29, 2016 • The plan was to evangelize, but what DLP Labs found the great Global Sources Electronics tradeshow in Hong Kong was bigger than they could have expected.

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