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Insurtech Innovations: Amtrust Offers Warranties, Tech Support for Fing-Discovered Devices

By Julie Jacobson · June 18, 2018 • AmTrust's innovative TapSafe IoT initiative has Fing scan networks for connected devices, and then offers smart-home warranties and tech-support on-the-fly based on risk-assessment profiles.

10 Best IoT Insights and Smart-Home Quotes from Connections 2018

By Julie Jacobson · June 1, 2018 • On Shrek, Costco, sous vide, insurance, DIY, older people, and other engaging subjects shared among the who's who of IoT at Parks Associates' Connections Conference 2018.

Whisker Labs’ AI-Driven Ting Could be Huge Breakthrough in Fire Prevention

By Julie Jacobson · May 30, 2018 • Exploiting Whisker Labs' machine-learning heritage, the Ting IoT device plugs into any wall outlet, detecting electromagnet anomalies across the entire electrical network, and warning homeowners of potential arcs and faults that could lead to dangerous fires. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

An Integrator’s 5 Home-Tech Takeaways from Connections Conference 2018

By Jennifer Mallett · May 29, 2018 • Parks Associates' Connections 2018 was a high-level IoT event for smart-home muckety mucks serving the mass market, but at least one home-tech integrator found plenty to take away from the three-day forum.

First ZigBee 3.0 Thermostat Debuts from Lux ... and it’s Pretty Cool

By Julie Jacobson · May 23, 2018 • Lux Products' new KONOz, the first ZigBee 3.0-certified thermostat, allows adjustable and multiple geofences.

Insurance Meets Smart Home at Connections 2018: IoT Sensors, Data, Warranties, More

By Julie Jacobson · May 23, 2018 • The impact of IoT and smart-home technology on the insurance industry – for risk assessment, loss mitigation, and customer engagement – will be a key theme at Parks Associates’ Connections Conference 2018.

Insurance, the Smart Home, and the Business of Keeping Customers Engaged

By Julie Jacobson · July 20, 2017 • How insurance (insurtech) and other industries are keeping customers engaged through smart-home technologies, remote IoT services, product warranties and client communications. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Alarm.com IPO: How Many Home Automation Customers vs. Icontrol?

By Julie Jacobson · May 26, 2015 • In S-1 filing for $75M IPO, Alarm.com miscalculates the number of subscribers of its closest SHaaS (smart home as a service) competitor Icontrol.

Ah, So THAT’s How Dish’s Hopper Skips Commercials

By Julie Jacobson · May 22, 2015 • There is a good and surprising reason why Dish Network’s Hopper DVR with AutoHop works so well.

4K Providers at Connections 2015: Buy UHD Now, Even if No Content or HDR

By Julie Jacobson · May 20, 2015 • Surprise, surprise, TV manufacturers and video platform providers say you may as well buy 4K Ultra HD now, even if content is lacking or HDR isn't supported.

Yes, People Care About Smart Home Ecosystems

By Julie Jacobson · May 19, 2015 • Research: customers care about the volume of products available for any given security and home automation platform.

Microsoft Picks Insteon as Home Automation Partner

By Julie Jacobson · May 15, 2014 • Microsoft selects Insteon smart home devices and RF/powerline technology for its "retail entry into the connected home market;" funds development of Insteon smart home app for Windows 8 devices.

More Questions for IoT/Home Automation Companies at Parks’ Connections (M-S)

By Julie Jacobson · May 12, 2014 • What's with the Wi-Fi Cow? And questions for 18 other providers of Internet of Things (IoT) and home automation at Parks' Connections conference.

Questions I’ll Ask 28 Companies at Parks’ Connections Conference (A-L)

By Julie Jacobson · May 9, 2014 • Parks Associates' Connections conference next week will feature the who’s who of Internet of Things, home automation, wireless technology, cloud services (HAas), home security and more. Here’s what I plan to ask 28 of the companies including AT&T, Belkin Wemo, Cisco, Quirky and more.

An Acronym is Born: Home Automation as a Service (HAaaS)

By Julie Jacobson · May 8, 2014 • There’s the generic SaaS (software) and targeted ACaaS (access control) and VSaaS (video surveillance), so why not HAaaS (home automation)? We'll see at ton of it at Connections 2014.

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