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Hands On: CasaTunes Deftly Integrates Sonos

By Robert Archer · May 21, 2019 • CasaTunes is helping dealers to maximize the potential of Sonos with a solution that is geared towards custom installation applications.

Interview: CasaTunes CEO Discusses Sonos Integration, Amazon Alexa Compatibility

By CE Pro Editors · April 11, 2019 • CasaTunes CEO David Krinker talks with CE Pro about the reasons integrators may want to include Sonos products in CasaTunes multiroom audio systems and how CasaTunes can be retrofitted into existing systems.

CasaTunes Adds Sonos Auto-Detect Integration

By Robert Archer · January 25, 2019 • CasaTunes is now integrating Sonos to balance the profitability, functionality, and performance goals integrators require from their vendor partners.

2018 Quest for Quality Awards: Category Kudos

By CE Pro Editors · March 30, 2018 • Suppliers in niche categories, including Luxul, Bluesound, Logitech and others, recognized for their tech support, customer service and marketing assistance.

CasaTunes Adds Voice Control for Multiroom Audio via Amazon Alexa

By Jordan O'Brien · August 2, 2017 • CasaTunes has announced support for Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and other Alexa devices for its whole-house audio system as well as its DIY musicBox 6 servers.

CasaTunes Takes Aim at Sonos with DIY musicBox 6 Whole-House Audio

By Jason Knott · April 17, 2017 • Taking aim at Sonos, CasaTunes hardwired DIY musicBox 6 whole-house audio system can be sold by custom integrators, who can still earn strong margin.

CasaTunes Boasts ‘Best Solution for Whole Home Music Control by RTI’

By CE Pro Editors · May 9, 2016 • CasaTunes, maker of multiroom audio systems for the home-technology channel, adds new features for controlling through music through RTI home automation systems.

CasaTunes CT-1/CT-2 Music Servers Streamlined with Smaller Footprint

By Robert Archer · March 3, 2016 • The newest versions of CasaTunes CT-1 and CT-2 music servers include CasaTunes' QuickSync which catalogs networked music, Apple AirPlay, and automation system integration options.

CasaTunes Revamps Control App for iPhone and iPad

By Robert Archer · January 14, 2016 • Among the new features in the CasaTunes app are a new "Reveal Menu," and options to enable third-party control through an enhanced URL scheme.

Q&A: CasaTunes Expands up to 24 Rooms, 10 Wirelessly

By CE Pro Editors · September 1, 2015 • Steve Guerra discusses the latest from CasaTunes in this Q&A with CE Pro.

Hands On Review: CasaTunes CT4+ Music System Fine Tunes New, Existing Audio Systems

By Robert Archer · September 1, 2015 • The CasaTunes CT-4+ system includes 1TB storage and support for popular music services to distribute among five independent audio streams.

Profitably Converting Legacy Multiroom Audio Systems into State-of-the-Art Audio Solutions

By Jason Knott · May 19, 2015 • Integration company HELP explains how it honed in on CasaTunes to efficiently convert older hardwired multiroom audio systems into state-of-the-art audio solutions... and why it's easier than Sonos.

CasaTunes Streamers Designed for Whole-House Audio Applications

By Robert Archer · March 11, 2015 • The Colorado company has announced its new CT-4+, CT-8+, CT-4S Streamer and CT-8S Streamer products.

CasaTunes Introduces iOS 8 App for iPhones & iPads

By Robert Archer · January 30, 2015 • The latest app from CasaTunes enables users to easily access and control their music preferences from their favorite Apple iOS devices.

Editor’s Picks: Wireless Audio System Roundup

By Robert Archer · October 8, 2014 • Take a look a 13 powerful wireless audio solutions, from companies including Peerless-AV, Russound, Fusion Research, Sonos, Bose and more.

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