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Atlantic Technology

Atlantic Technology Bookshelf Speakers the First of Many to Feature SKAA Wireless Technology

By Lisa Montgomery · April 29, 2019 • The SKAA-compliant FS-252 bookshelf speakers the first in a new range of high-performance wireless products from Atlantic Technology.

16 Immersive Audio Products for Great-Sounding Home Theaters

By Robert Archer · December 13, 2017 • Now that we have at least three good immersive audio platforms -- Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D -- there's no excuse for a good home theater to skip object-oriented sound. Here are 16 components to choose from.

Atlantic Tech PBM2 Sub Integrates Into Whole-House Audio Systems

By Robert Archer · September 19, 2016 • The small-footprint subwoofer from Atlantic Technoloy features a priority auto-sensing circuit (PAS) that streamlines its operation a primary system product or as a solution piece within a whole-house audio system.

Atlantic Tech Brings Performance to Pedestal Soundbar Category

By Robert Archer · February 17, 2016 • The versatile 3.1 HSB soundbar can be used in a variety of manners to deliver robust and articulate sound for both music and A/V content.

Atlantic Tech H-PAS Pedestal Speaker on Display at CEDIA

By Robert Archer · September 23, 2015 • Atlantic Technology's latest speaker, the 3.1 HSB pedestal soundbar, will complement a A/V systems in any number of home installation environments.

Hands On: Atlantic Technology 44-DA Atmos Speakers Deliver State-of-the-Art Theater Fun

By Robert Archer · April 17, 2015 • CE Pro senior editor Robert Archer reviewed Atlantic Technology’s 44-DA and found the speakers are a great way to deliver Dolby’s Atmos format without burdening homeowners with the decision of having to invest a lot of money into more gear.

13 Subwoofer Demos That Rock the House

By Robert Archer · March 11, 2015 • When the public thinks of home theater, they envision enveloping sound that includes deep bass. Here are subwoofer demo recommendations that live up to the public’s expectations.

13 Soundbar and Demo Recommendations from CE Experts

By Robert Archer · February 23, 2015 • Since their inception the audiophile market has scoffed at the convenience and user friendliness of arguably the category’s most popular product. As these products have matured their performance as improved. Here are some recommendations to demonstrate these lifestyle solutions.

Editor’s Picks: 12 Best Products of 2014

By Robert Archer · December 4, 2014 • 2014 marked the comeback of the custom install market. CE Pro senior editor Robert Archer highlighted the best products of the year that are forging ahead to meet the latest consumer demands.

Hands On: Dolby Atmos a Game Changer in Home Theater Market

By Robert Archer · October 15, 2014 • Peter Tribeman, President and founder of Atlantic Technology, demonstrates why Dolby’s latest format represents sales opportunities for dealers.

12 Affordable Speakers for Your Budget

By Robert Archer · September 29, 2014 • 12 examples of good sounding speakers from some of the top manufacturers that won't break the bank.

Hands On: Atlantic Technology PowerBar 235 Soundbar

By Grant Clauser · February 14, 2013 • Atlantic Technology is raising the bar on soundbars with its PowerBar 235. It uses an internal pressuring matrix to produce more bass from the speaker enclosure, eliminating the need for a subwoofer.

Atlantic Tech Soundbar goes Deep sans Sub

By Robert Archer · December 11, 2012 • The Massachusetts-based audio company has expanded its line of H-PAS speaker products through the introduction of its PowerBar 235 product.

Atlantic Tech to License H-PAS Bass Technology to SpeakerCraft

By Jason Knott · February 14, 2012 • SpeakerCraft plans to launch new products based on Atlantic Technology's Hybrid Pressure Acceleration System (H-PAS) that enhances bass response with low distortion.

Atlantic Technology AT-2 loudspeaker

By Robert Archer · January 24, 2012 • Atlantic Technology is now offering its dealer a bookshelf speaker product that employs its H-PAS technologies to provide them with a small footprint speaker that produces an extended low end.

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