Environmental Lights: ‘Own the Ceiling’ & Other Resimercial Lighting Applications

Environmental Lights describes how its REVI line of low-voltage LED fixtures is suitable for both the residential and commercial markets.

In the video, CE Pro spoke with David Vogel, senior inside sales manager at Environmental Lights, to discuss the potential for integrators to expand their resimercial opportunities.

Low-voltage lighting is transforming the AV market and it has wide implications for resimercial projects. It is a game-changer because it’s easy to install and requires less need for an electrician’s work. Integrators can increase their wallet-share of projects while also expanding into more resimercial sectors. The two primary areas of opportunity are accent lighting and downlighting.

Accent lighting transforms spaces and creates the “wow-factor” for projects. It’s especially important in restaurants and hospitality spaces where ambiance and customer experience set properties apart and draw customers in. The applications are everywhere in resimercial projects. They range from toe-kick lighting up all the way up to cove lighting. Multicolor LED lighting also lets users alter the look of spaces and brand them for special events. A good lighting manufacturer will help specify the right products and customize them to ensure simple installation and integration into control systems.

Downlighting is the newest and most exciting opportunity for low voltage as it opens up the ceiling to integrators. The sheer number of ceiling downlights in projects presents large potential revenue. Installing and wiring a low-voltage downlighting system is similar to installing ceiling speakers and can be done with little assistance from electricians. Power is provided remotely and fixtures can be added or changed on site. High-output downlighting can also be used for house of worship and auditorium spaces.

The REVI Remote-Voltage Illumination system from Environmental Lights is a great example of a high-quality downlighting solution. REVI features programmable, RDM enabled power supplies and a la carte configurable fixtures. The system facilitates easy installations, remote power management and simple integration into control systems to help integrators “own the ceiling.”