Retrofit Project is Vintage Music to L.A. Condo Owner’s Ears

VIA Los Angeles completed a retrofit project on a 1,500-square-foot condo with a 84-inch 4K TV, Crestron keypads, Lutron shading, and more.


This retrofit project was the result of a tech-savvy client who lives in Arizona but purchased a 1,500-square-foot, one-bedroom condo in Los Angeles for frequent visits to the coast. The owner has a control system integrated into his primary home, so according to VIA Los Angeles, “it was refreshing that he had a defined ‘wish list.’”

He had very specific ideas about control he wanted and high quality distributed audio — including the unique source of a vintage church organ tied into the system and selecting virtually invisible speakers (Sonance’s Architectural Series, whose flangeless square grilles also matched the lighting décor).

Lights, Shades, Décor Done Right

The project was an extensive remodel of an MDU with a clean, modern aesthetic, so any technology was also expected to be minimalist.

The completed install includes an entry intercom, lighting, shading, HVAC, audio and three A/V systems. All rooms, and master bedroom nightstand, have 7-inch touchpanels and Crestron Ascent metal-finish keypads.

TRUFIG’s device concealment system hides electrical outlets in the condo’s stone (like marble and onyx) surfaces. VIA provided Crestron panel lighting for the fixtures.

For natural light, a Lutron Sivoia QS shading system offers privacy and energy savings — both vital for a 29th floor corner unit with glass wall sides. Motorized drapery was also added to the master bedroom.

Impressive TV Views, Too

The touchpanels feature a “Wake Up” preset for lighting, motorized shades, and music in preselected zones. The entry touchpanel has three scenes that put the home in three distinct modes, and combinations of light and shade.

The owner wanted the largest flat panel that wouldn’t be “out of scale” to the living room, so VIA spec’d an 84-inch 4K model; there’s a 75-incher in the bedroom and 55-inch TV behind the organ.

A custom mount uses vertical metal poles to float the display. Video sources are rack-mounted DirecTV receivers, AppleTV and Blu-ray.

Music from the organ, Pandora, TuneIn and Apple AirPlay pipes in from an Autonomic Mirage server. In the end, the condo packs in almost $300K of high tech, while ensuring the great city views are fully enjoyed.