$99 RemoBell S Features Wide Viewing Angle, Amazon Alexa Integration

The Remo+ RemoBell S offers 180-degrees of vertical and horizontal viewing angles and two-way talk functions.


Door cameras are one of the most popular product categories in today's smart home market. Adding an affordable door camera to its lineup, Remo+ has introduced its $99 RemoBell S DoorCam Smart Security Camera. 

Remo+ launched the RemoBell S alongside its new RemoBell W. The Livermore, Calif.-based smart-home company says the RemoBell S provides homeowners features such as a wider field of view, improved resolution, and motion-zone customization. 

“We developed the customizable features of RemoBell S, combined with the new hardwired connection, to offer enhanced security for our customers,” says Paul Lee, managing director of Remo+.

“Remo+ is all about making home security simpler. We want to give homeowners smarter tools so that they have greater control over what's going on in and around their home.”

Remo+ Remo S Comes With 3 Days of Cloud Storage 

Priced competitively, the Remo S DoorCam comes with free 3-day cloud storage, and homeowners can set the Remo S to send notifications when movements are detected in their selected motion zone such as the porch or walkway. 

Remo+ says the Motion Zone capabilities of the Remo S eliminate the problem of “irrelevant motion alerts from passing cars or pedestrians on the sidewalk.”

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The Remo S also includes 180-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles, which is the widest viewing angle of any Remo+ product. The DoorCam's live video view also comes with a dewarping display option. 

In addition, the Remo S provides full HD recording capabilities, two-way talk, clear night vision, on-demand view from nearly any smart device, “bank-level” encryption to help ensure secure functions, weather resistance, and integration with the Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice-command platforms. 

Moreover, unlike the company's other products that utilize battery power, the RemoBell S requires power from existing doorbell wiring. The RemoBell S operates at voltages between 16- and 24-volts AC to power its fast motion detecting.