Lutron Partners with IFTTT, Nest, Logitech, AT&T Digital Life, Apple

New partners extend Lutron’s reach for its low-cost, cloud-enabled Caseta lighting controls and Serena motorized shading.


In 2015, Lutron announced a slew of new partners that integrate with Caseta through cloud-to-cloud communications.

Beginning with Staples Connect that same year, some manufacturers started embedding the radio in their low-cost home automation hubs, making their products directly interoperable with Caseta, as well as Lutron’s new Serena motorized shading line that employs the same radio.

Then Lutron added an IP gateway (Smart Bridge) for integration in the cloud, and now that effort is bearing fruit.

imageThrough its Smart Bridge IP gateway, Lutron Caseta lights and Serena shades can work with Nest, IFTTT, Apple Watch, Logitech Harmony and AT&T Digital Life.

First, the company plans to launch a channel on IFTTT, the consumer-friendly if/then engine, enabling integration with other IFTTT partners like Myfox (security), Jawbone UP, Nest, SmartThings and Wemo, not to mention Twitter, Facebook, Weather and other online services.

Users will be able to turn lights on with a Tweet, turn lights off when you put the Jawbone UP band into sleep mode, or lower the blinds when you set Nest into the away mode.

ADT recently announced it would launch an IFTTT channel as well, meaning Lutron’s Caseta dimmers and Serena shades could become a part of ADT Pulse if users so desire.

In addition, Lutron joined the Works with Nest program, so you need not use IFTTT or some other engine to integrate the two ecosystems.

Also, Lutron recently announced cloud-to-cloud integration with Logitech’s Harmony Living Home, which includes a handheld universal remote control, as well as apps for A/V control and home automation.

We have also seen Lutron (and Honeywell) integrated with the Apple Watch during an Apple keynote presentation last year. Now Lutron has publicly announced its support for the app.

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Finally, at CES, Lutron announced AT&T Digital Life customers will be able to manage their Serena shades through the Digital Life app.

That particular announcement is perhaps a bigger deal for AT&T than Lutron, as the giant telco announced for the first time new partners for its security and home automation service.

AT&T announced last year it would open up its API for third-party development. At CES, AT&T formally launched the program with:

  • Lutron – Caseta lighting controls and Serena shades
  • Samsung – Cameras, Samsung Gear S watch, SmartThings home automation hub and SHaaS (smart home as a service)
  • Qualcomm Life – 2net platform and hub, a medical device connectivity platform for monitoring and managing biometric data such as blood pressure or weight.
  • LG Electronics – webOS and AllJoyn/AllSeen technology for receiving alerts on a smart TV.

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