Lenbrook BluOs 3.4 Update Offers New Refinements

BluOS 3.4 offers user experience improvements for Qobuz and Roon, new Radio Paradise stations, access to nugs.net music service, and support for various hardware.


Lenbrook International has announced the release of version 3.4 of its BluOS high-resolution distributed audio and music management platform, which includes adding the nugs.net music service that offers access to over 30,000 hours of live concert recordings from artists like Pearl Jam, Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Beck, George Cole Quintet, and dozens more. 

The update, which BluOS users will be prompted to download on or around April 16, 2019, features a variety of refinements and new streaming music options. User Experience Refinements BluOS users will now be able to identify high resolution tracks when browsing Qobuz content within the BluOS Controller app. An “HR” icon will appear next to hi-res tracks, keeping the experience of browsing through Qobuz content similar to that of browsing through content from Tidal or other music services.  

Improvements have also been made to the BluOS integration with Roon Labs to improve compatibility with Roon’s recent version 1.6 release.

More Hardware Support

A number of refinements and additions have been made to BluOS’s hardware integrations. All BluOS users will now be able to rename inputs to custom identifiers or hide inputs not in use to reduce user confusion of available audio sources.

Bluesound users will experience better Bluetooth pairing stability, while users of the NAD Masters M10 BluOS streaming amplifier will now be able to easily pair their Bluetooth devices with NFC. Additionally for M10 users, Dirac Live will be enabled and includes in-app room correction controls once the technology has been configured by the user.

Chassis firmware to support DTS:X on NAD Electronics AVRs using the AM230 and AM17 MDC Modules will be bundled in with the BluOS update for the convenience of users with BluOS Enabled AVRs. Users of non-BluOS Enabled AVRs with those MDC Modules should contact their dealers to obtain the DTS:X firmware update or visit NADelectronics.com for a do-it-yourself download and installation of the update.

Access to New Music

BluOS 3.4 will also include a number of music updates, including three new Radio Paradise stations, which like the existing Radio Paradise integration, will be a no-cost service bundled in with BluOS Enabled products. The new Radio Paradise stations will feature lossless CD quality streams for Mellow Mix, Rock Mix, and Groovy Mix, and users will now have the option to skip songs.

Additionally, after users “like” 100 songs in any of the Radio Paradise stations, an additional station of “My Favorites” will appear in the menu, essentially creating a custom radio station.

BluOS users will be able to stream or download live concert recordings – many of them in lossless formats – with nugs.net, the latest music service to be added to the evergrowing list of streaming integration partners.

“The power of BluOS is our ability to add features and enhancements with updates like these,” says Andrew Haines, BluOS product manager. “It’s a tremendous value for users of BluOS Enabled hardware to purchase a product and continue to use it for many years to come because the product receives regular updates that keep the device current with the changing technology landscape.”