How Vantage Does Human-Centric Lighting: Sun as a ‘Phantom Load’

To incorporate circadian lighting into a Vantage control system, simply add the “sun” object as a phantom load into the Design Center programming, and lighting will sync to the sun’s natural intensity and color temperature for any given geography and time.

How Vantage Does Human-Centric Lighting: Sun as a ‘Phantom Load’

Vantage can auto-generate keypads to "sync" the lighting with the sun's natural intensity and color temperature, and create offsets for early workouts or late-night homework.

How do you add circadian algorithms to your lighting-control system? Simple. Add the sun to your programming environment.

That’s basically how Vantage Controls, a Legrand company, helps integrators implement human-centric lighting without complex calculations. Vantage has the algorithms figured out to create a virtual sun for any geographical location at any given time. Press the “sync” button on a Vantage keypad, and the lights turn automatically to the brightness and color temperature of the current natural daylight conditions.

In Vantage’s Design Center programming environment, the “sun” serves as a phantom load, setting light schedules based upon “true day length,” says Vantage product manager Mark Moody. “We consider the natural path of the sun – that’s the phantom load. It’s a bunch of programming that the dealer doesn’t need to do.”

Of course, humans these days don’t schedule their activities based on the sun’s natural path … not since Thomas Edison brought us artificial light.

Vantage accommodates real-world living by allowing users to shift or extend the “sun’s natural path.” A workout scene, for example, might have the virtual sunrise begin at 4:00 a.m. instead of 6:48 a.m., prematurely ramping up the lights’ intensity and color temperature to suit the early-morning workout.

 A homework setting might extend the astronomical clock by a couple of hours, beginning the sunset emulation – dimming the lights and warming the hue – after the real-life sun has set.

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Vantage has a partnership with Lumenetix, a leading supplier for LED drivers for several popular luminaire manufacturers. Vantage control systems can accurately render the color and other lighting characteristics of any tunable fixture with a Lumenetix Araya5 LED engine.

For more details about Vantage’s human-centric lighting system, and the company’s plans for CEDIA Expo 2019, check out our video interview (above) with Mark Moody.

Visit Vantage/Legrand at CEDIA Expo 2019, Booth #905.

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