Denver Broncos-Themed Home Theater Features Savant Home Automation, Sony 4K Projector

This Denver Broncos themed home theater with Sony 4K projection, Paradigm speakers and Savant automation takes home the 2017 Home of the Year award for a home theater less than $75,000.


Home theaters come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Thankfully, when the owners of this theater sat down with the home systems integrators at TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters to brainstorm concepts, the house was in the framing stages, giving them a blank slate to work with. They could design the theater without much compromise, integrate technology with relative ease, and personalize the space fully. TYM and the homeowners took the ball and ran with it, tailoring the 20-by-20-foot theater around the owner’s love of football, family and the Denver Broncos.

Naturally, the color scheme for the room would incorporate lots of blue and orange. Beyond this, the A/V presentation had to be as lifelike as possible — as if the Broncos super-fan was sitting on the 50-yard line.

The screen would need to be large, but how large? To help the homeowner visualize the screen’s impact on the room, TYM lead designer Matt Montgomery spray painted screen options onto the foundation walls of the basement.

“This allowed the client to visualize his home theater and the impact of various screen sizes,” says Montgomery. “It’s a crude method, but effective.”

No surprise, the homeowner chose the largest of the screen options — a super-wide anamorphic screen measuring 155 inches (diagonal). A Sony 4K projector suspended from the ceiling throws football games and movies onto the Draper screen.

After: Denver Broncos themed home theater

TYM calculated the best seating location and designed the home theater around this prime viewing spot. See more photos.

Based on the dimensions of the screen, TYM calculated the best seating location for the owner. The rest of the home theater design would revolve around this prime viewing spot. This would include a Dolby Atmos/DTS:X capable surround-sound system comprising Paradigm CI Elite in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and Anthem receiver. Additional seating in the form of blue bean bag chairs would occupy the floor in front of the main seating area.

“Low to the ground, the bean bag seating would ensure that nothing would block the owner’s view of the screen,” Montgomery explains.

What would a game be without refreshments? At the rear of the home theater a fully stocked kitchen offers snacks and drinks … as well as a 75-inch Sony 4K TV that displays the same video feed as what’s on the 155-inch screen. There’s no chance of missing an important play as you grab a cold one from the fridge. The Just Add Power video distribution system delivers the action to all other TVs in the house as well.

The extra point on the experience is a custom-designed fiber optic star ceiling, which the TYM integrators installed permanently into the sheetrock.

“If you can’t be at Mile High Stadium for the game, then we can create the feeling of being under the stars with your fellow fans,” Montgomery says.

The entire environment — audio, video, fiber optic stars, lighting, and temperature — can be controlled by an app on the homeowner’s iPad. The team at TYM initially configured the app with “scenes” that enable the homeowner to touch one button to command multiple devices. Since then, however, the homeowner has taken the liberty to create his own scenes as he discovers new ways to enjoy his Broncos-inspired home theater.

Equipment List

  • Sony 4K projector
  • Draper projection screen
  • Paradigm speakers
  • Anthem A/V receiver
  • Sony 4K TV
  • Just Add Power video distribution
  • Savant automation & lighting
  • LaunchPort iPad wall mount
Before: Denver Broncos themed home theater

To help the homeowner visualize the screen’s impact on the room, TYM lead designer Matt Montgomery spray painted screen options onto the foundation walls of the basement. See more photos.

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