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Catalyst AV Group Cites ‘Banner’ Q4 Growth

Individual members report up to 30% revenue growth in Q4, with Ring, eero, Rapid Video Mounts, and Nest as strong drivers.


The Catalyst AV distribution network of 13 independent distributors is having a “banner Q4,” according to the group.

New Catalyst AV member Just in Time Distribution, Inc., in Troy, Mich, is up 30 percent since joining the network, according to Sami Al-Saadi. 

“Since we joined Catalyst AV earlier this year, our business overall is up 25 percent to 30 percent; we are beyond thrilled! I would go on to say that Catalyst AV has put me in the business of mounts, bulk wire, and racks. With one of our largest growth areas with Rapid Video Mounts.”

Jeff Hedden of Mid-State Distributing Co with locations in Iowa, North Dakota and Nebraska, says, “We are experiencing great growth in Q4 this year as a Catalyst AV member over last year. This is in our CI and home automation product categories, with new products coming in through Catalyst AV. We are offering a much stronger SKU mix now with products that our expanded dealer base needs.

“I think the two areas where we are adding focus and push through the end of the year are Nest, Ring and eero product offerings, these categories are having a good uptick in Q4 and this will be our first season offering them,” he says. 

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Helge Fischer, Catalyst AV executive director, adds, “One of the key purposes of the Catalyst AV Network is knowledge sharing amongst our members. It benefits the established membership to get new members into the group, they bring fresh experiences, inspiration and contacts to our existing members.

“We are very focused on making sure the membership at large benefits. We have two general in-person meetings a year, and the next one in Dallas will focus on, ‘Best Practices’. Our established members and our newer members will discuss what we are doing correctly and proceed on implementing where we need to improve and establish new guidelines for success.”