This Enormous Calgary Smart Home Features Glowing Home Theater, Luxury Car Collection

We cover a lot of big, beautiful smart homes on CE Pro, but this 22,000-square-foot residence is a winner with Elan entertainment and control, home theater, Lutron lighting, Elk security and luxury car collection.


When the owners of this 22,000-square-foot home in Calgary began undertaking a complete renovation, they knew they needed a smart-home automation system to pull it all together, but they were at a loss as to where to turn.

Local integrator Home Concepts recommended they experience the Elan Entertainment & Control System, and one demonstration hooked the homeowners, according to Home Concepts managing partners P.J. Aucoin and Craig Applejohn.

“Once they agreed to try it out, we built a sophisticated system that is accessible to them from anywhere in the world,” Aucoin says.

Because the home is shaped in a unique “U” configuration, and was constructed in two phases, Home Concepts actually integrated two Elan gSC10 controllers — one each in the east and west wings — to automate and control the Lutron lighting system, 27 zones of HVAC, Elk Products’ security system and gate outfitted with Elan intercom, as well as all the A/V.

The controllers perform seamlessly as one system from the same user interface.

Multiroom Audio Is Easy to Control & Hidden Out of Sight

Simple and immediate control was the project’s primary objective, so the Home Concepts team recommended and made sure the system be accessible from anywhere inside or outside the home, and from anywhere in the world.

The team installed five Elan gTP7 in-wall touchpanels, four gHR200 remotes, and added the Elan App to smartphones and tablets. The devices and interfaces also address the homeowners’ request for an easily manageable entertainment system, in which high-quality audio and video was also a must.

Home Concepts installed two Elan S86A Integrated Multi-Room Audio/Video Controllers in each wing to distribute audio to 23 zones throughout the house, including to three rooms with surround sound.

The smart home features a glowing home theater

You could say this home theater “glows.” See more photos.

The audio system features a massive complement of 94 Monitor Audio speakers among the home theater (where Gold Series speakers accompany an Epson LS10000/Da-Lite 119-inch projection setup), ceilings and outdoor spaces.

Sunfire HRS subwoofers were installed throughout, and concealed in custom cabinets in the living room, kitchen and theater. Home Concepts worked with a cabinet builder that also helped make sure the subs were in optimal locations. In the living room, a Sunfire subwoofer is concealed underneath the fireplace with a custom grille that matches the decor.

The televisions and lights also blend discreetly with the interior design. All of the TVs are built within niches and all of the lighting controls are hidden except for the keypads; lighting switch loads are in mechanical and storage rooms.

Home, Car Collection & Tech All Well Protected

Home Concepts integrated an Elk security system with the automation system to guarantee that the property would remain protected at all times.

It was particularly important to secure a luxury car collection housed in a partitioned 10,000-square-foot garage and that the homeowner be able to closely monitor the garage, along with the main residence.

“We regularly use the automation system to make sure that the garage is secure by checking in on cameras and configuring the lighting to turn on or off at certain points of the day,” according to the homeowner.

The luxury car collection is well protected

The garage is an extensive space and hosts this homeowner's luxury car collection. See more photos. 

Home Concepts also protected all of the equipment by installing three Panamax M4315-PRO power conditioners and three Panamax MB1500 battery back-ups into each equipment rack, with BlueBOLT power management that allows the integrator to log-in remotely and reboot any of the home’s technology for troubleshooting.

“Power protection is one of the most critical factors in protecting the client’s investment and prolonging the life of the installed technology,” Aucoin explaines.

“Panamax’s BlueBOLT remote power management service allows me to have remote access. If anything goes awry, I can easily log-in to BlueBOLT and reboot any of the home’s technology from anywhere in the world,” Aucoin continues.

According to the homeowners, they are thrilled – and relieved – that their automation experience has turned out to be nothing short of exceptional.

The smart home's racks are beautifully organized

Check out the photos to see the beautifully organized racks and cabling for this home.