Aprilaire and Meritage Homes Team up for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Initiative

Meritage Homes to include Aprilaire IAQ products into newly built homes.

Indoor air quality is quickly becoming an integral facet of a smart home design, and Meritage Homes and Aprilaire are resetting the standard for ensuring clean air in newly built homes. In conjunction with the commemoration of Earth Day on April 22 this year, the eighth largest homebuilder in the nation officially began to include a suite of standard Aprilaire indoor air quality products into newly built Meritage homes within its 22 markets. 

Founded in 1985, Meritage has delivered more than 100,000 homes and has been an industry leader in introducing advancements to provide homebuyers with cleaner, healthier, more energy efficient and comfortable home environments.  With the integration of Aprilaire IAQ products, including Wi-Fi thermostats, air purifiers, and ventilation, Meritage and Aprilaire will elevate what is possible for a buyer today in choosing the best home for their family.

IAQ Brings HVAC and Building Leaders Together

The standardization of IAQ improvements in its homes wasn’t a recent revelation by Meritage. The company has been headed in this direction for years, says Aprilaire New Home Channel manager Shaun Conyngham. “Meritage is known for and promotes building very tight, very efficient homes, and has received top accolades for many years from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its industry leadership in energy efficient homebuilding.”

An energy-efficient home can save resources and money, but must be designed correctly to avoid potential ventilation problems. The tighter the home, the more difficult it becomes to passively expel stale air from and introduce fresh air into the home environment. Recognizing that, Meritage provides for active air exchange systems in their energy-efficient homes. “Our relationship with Meritage began about five years ago when they asked us to create a ventilation system for homes they were building in the Southeast,” Conyngham continues. 

From Ventilation to Purification and Control

But ventilation is only part of this innovative builder’s healthy home solution. On April 22, Meritage began incorporating Aprilaire’s industry-leading ventilation systems in newly built homes as part of a nationwide rollout this year. Those features include Aprilaire’s Wi-Fi Thermostat with IAQ Control, Whole-Home Air Purifier, and Whole-Home Supply Ventilation products, resulting in a healthier and more comfortable home for Meritage customers. 

Expanding into Automation

By rolling Aprilaire IAQ products into its standard fare of home features, Meritage not only provides homebuyers with a solidly built and healthy home, but also with the opportunity to continually enhance the comfort, efficiency, and enjoyment of their living environment. 

“The recent inclusion of the Wi-Fi thermostat, in particular, adds a layer of control to these IAQ solutions,” Conyngham says. “It provides a complete, holistic approach that starts at the building envelope and continues with easy control and management of the healthy home environment.” 

“Aprilaire’s Wi-Fi Thermostat was engineered to control all aspects of IAQ and integrate seamlessly with all brands of automation systems,” notes Jon Fischer, Aprilaire HVAC Automation sales manager. “As the first manufacturer of smart thermostats to incorporate comprehensive IAQ controls, Aprilaire is poised to forge into new areas of innovation.”

“This aligns perfectly with Meritage’s goal of creating a dynamic home environment that’s able to evolve as the needs of its occupants change,” comments C.R. Herro, Meritage’s vice president of environmental engineering. “Meritage understands that buying a home is more than just a purchase. It’s the backdrop of your life. We believe a home should be great when you move in, but also adjust to changing technologies and family needs as you live in it.” 

“With a shared desire to evolve and continually enhance the way homes are built and lived in, plus keen insights as to the features new homebuyers are looking for, the Aprilaire and Meritage partnership marks a significant milestone for the home systems industry,” concludes Herro.