New ecobee Thermostat Update Helps Prevent Power Outages During Severe Weather

The ecobee smart thermostat will alert homeowners and automatically adjust their home's temperature to avoid outages.

Jun 03, 2024

Google Nest Renew to Be Incorporated into Renew Home Energy Platform

Google, venture capitalist firm partner to create a new company, Renew Home, that is taking over the tech giant’s Nest Renew service

Dec 18, 2023

Resideo Now Offering Honeywell Home T10+ Smart Thermostat Kits

Helping integrators to meet the growing need for more inclusive wellness solutions in the home, Resideo has announced its T10+ Smart Thermostat Kits.

Apr 04, 2023

Lennox S40 Smart Thermostat

Lennox is a company with more than a century’s experience in manufacturing heating and cooling systems, and new for 2023, the company is entering the smart home space with its S40 Smart Thermostat. According to the company, research finds that

Jan 20, 2023

Article Thermostat

Soaring Home Heating Costs Stress the Value of Smart Thermostats

Whether used as a gateway, value add, or both, there's plenty of reasons to carry smart thermostats this coming winter.

Dec 27, 2022