Alula’s ‘SmartHome Now’ Saves Builders Up Front, Lets Buyers Add Tech Later

Alula Connect+ security and home-automation platform can be installed during construction at very low cost to homebuilder, allowing integration with built-in smart-home tech like Pella Insynctive windows and doors.

Alula’s ‘SmartHome Now’ Saves Builders Up Front, Lets Buyers Add Tech Later

Homebuilders can install Alula Connect+ during construction at very low cost via new SmartHome Now solution, while new homeowners can add features and services later through their security or home-automation dealer.

Alula, the new company formed by the merger of ipDatatel and Resolution Products, has launched SmartHome Now, a solution for getting security and home-automation dealers into new-construction jobs at just a small cost to price-conscious homebuilders.

SmartHome Now enables builders to install a lightweight Alula Connect+ system “now” at a very low cost, while giving new homeowners a platform to upgrade later to monitored security, cellular back-up, interactive services, video surveillance and a wealth of other smart-home features.

Not only does SmartHome Now allow builders to provide a nice feature to their buyers, it also enables them to integrate with advanced technologies that must be installed during the construction phase — things like smart windows and doors with Pella Insynctive Technology.

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“With a pre-installed security and smart home system included in their home price, homeowners can feel secure from the first day they walk through the door of their new home,” says Russell Vail, EVP of market development at Alula. “And a pre-installed system means homeowners download our app and dealers activate Alula remotely without a truck roll and recognize instant recurring revenue.”

Alula Adds Alexa 

Alongside the news of SmartHome Now, Alula also announced an improved implementation of the Alexa Voice Assistant skills for the Alula Connect+ platform. 

Thanks to the addition of Alexa, homeowners can now: 

  • Arm the Connect+ system. 
  • Get the status of the Connect+ platform. 
  • Disarm the Connect+ platform using a verbal PIN code. 
  • Run scenes by name that are already known to Connect+. 

“Alula’s modern, responsive platform was made for innovative applications like voice. Running on broadband not phone lines, makes Alula’s integration of Alexa quick and responsive,” says Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Alula.