Crestron HomeTime Empowers WFH Productivity

Crestron’s new HomeTime is a residential unified communications solution that integrates into the company’s Home control and automation platform.

Crestron HomeTime Empowers WFH Productivity

Crestron's HomeTime combines unified communications and home control all in a single package.

Unfortunately 2020 will go down as the year of coronavirus/COVID-19. Taking some good news from this terrible situation, work from home (WFH), which has resulted from coronavirus quarantining has proven to be viable way for workers to remain productive. Enhancing WFH employee productivity, Crestron’s HomeTime platform is engineered to maximize the WFH experience.

Capable of integrating into Crestron’s new Home platform, which is the company’s latest control and automation solution, HomeTime is the result of a collaboration between Crestron, Logitech and Zoom.

Crestron HomeTime bundles home control, along with video, and unified communications (UC) all into a single package.

“It’s time to end the awkward conversations. No more crowding around a laptop and talking over each other because you can’t follow who is speaking. The idea for HomeTime was created from the challenges experienced by families trying to socialize, learn, and work from home. We, at Crestron, knew we had a convenient solution that every living room deserved,” states John Clancy, vice president, Crestron Residential.

“By integrating Logitech MeetUp and Zoom Rooms software with the Crestron platform, we can help homeowners prepare for anything, whether that is working in the home office, remote learning in the playroom, or virtual happy hours in the family room.”  

HomeTime Improves WFH Videoconferencing

Explaining how HomeTime works, Crestron points out that its latest platform is a complete audio and video conferencing system.

HomeTime supports the ability to initiate or call into unified communication sessions of any size in any room of a user’s home. Crestron says HomeTime streamlines the same experience its commercial clients have benefitted from for years into a residential friendly solution.

Crestron notes that today it is commonplace for employees in office settings to take part in video conferencing sessions, and through HomeTime users can now use their TVs as part of their WFH systems.

Rounding out HomeTime systems beyond the use of televisions, HomeTime includes Logitech‘s MeetUp conference camera, Crestron’s UC engine that integrates into the Home platform and Zoom Rooms software.

“Crestron shares our commitment to seamless collaboration with high-quality technology,” comments Jeff Smith, head of Zoom Rooms, Zoom Video Collaboration.

“Crestron HomeTime raises the bar, bringing the conference room into the living room.”

Scott Wharton, general manager and vice president of Logitech Video Collaboration, adds the partnership with Crestron is timely because of the rapid increase in WFH activities that have occurred over the past several months.

“We’ve seen an exponential increase in videoconferencing from home as people and families shelter in place, not only for business use, but for personal use as well,” says Wharton.

“Crestron is a leader in AV and residential systems for high end homes, so this partnership is ideal for providing quality videoconferencing experiences and Logitech solutions people need right now as they continue to connect from home.”

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