CEDIA Expo Virtual Preview: Jasco Booth to Feature Latest in Z-Wave and Zigbee Products

In addition to showcasing the latest in smart home technology, Jasco plans to highlight its private-owned brands and social initiatives at its virtual booth.


Many industry veterans are well aware of Jasco Products and its ongoing desire to provide integrators with the best Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi products on the market.

However, the company is keen to let people know about its wealth of other products and services, including its Heart of Jasco charity initiative, and what better way to spread the word than via a booth at this year’s CEDIA Expo Virtual Experience.

To learn more, CE Pro virtually sat down with Mitchell Davis, vice president of product development, Jasco Products:

What is the company planning on hosting at its virtual booth this year?

“First, let me let talk a little bit about who is Jasco. While many veterans in the industry know us quite well, if you’re new, you may have never heard of us. However, I can almost guarantee that you already have several of our products in your home today.

“We’re a family-owned business started 1975 we’ve been in the connected home industry since 2006 so we’re not newcomers. We design, develop products, basically [to] simplify your life and connect your home.

“We provide one of the most comprehensive lines of home automation lighting, security, home entertainment, power, and mobility products and for some of the largest brands in the world such as GE, Philips, Energizer, Disney and some of our private label brands such as and Enbrighten and Cordinate. 

“So some of the new products that we’re showing off this year. Starting off with Z-Wave, we have one of the largest Z-Wave product offerings in the marketplace from lighting controls to sensors.

“We’ve really focused, probably the last six months, primarily on updating our sensor line to the latest 700 series chipset and, you know, what does that mean to the average consumer or buyer/installer? 

“That means three to four times battery life from what we previously had as well as longer range. The single biggest problem that we see with sensors is the battery life. Companies having to roll a truck just to replace the battery…that’s very costly.

“With the latest improvements, you can take advantage of this technology and install a battery and now you take something that was a two-year battery life, and now it becomes a six to eight-year battery span. So a huge improvement that will really pay off and in the long run.

“We’ve completely revamped our product line for Zigbee. We moved up to HA 3.0 standard. Additionally, have expanded the line. So we have in-wall switch and dimmer, a plugin switch and dimmer, and our latest is an in-wall receptacle, as well as an outdoor module. 

“Let’s [also] talk a little bit about Wi-Fi. We have a full assortment of lighting controls both indoor, outdoor and wall plugins. Wi-Fi is one of the fastest-growing product calls least for us here at Jasco as it’s extremely easy to install and for the average consumer to understand. 

“When you come to Jasco, not only can you buy major brands, you can buy Jasco private-owned brands, but we also do a lot in the private label market. 

“So if you’re a buyer/developer or something where you want to have your own brand, we have the capabilities to be able to do that in-house as we have a full assortment of teams both graphic design, video teams, engineers, everything’s done in house.”

What are you personally excited for integrators to see when they visit your booth?

“You know, really it’s about the assortment of products, right. It’s one thing to come out with one or two unique products, it’s another to have a little dabble, a little over here and one protocol.

“In reality when you come to Jasco, you get it. We’re completely protocol agnostic. We don’t care what the technology is, we want to leverage the latest technology on the marketplace, where the consumers are going, where all the integrators are going. So whether it’s Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. It doesn’t matter to us.

“We have a full line of lighting assortment since we’ve been in the industry for years we’ve learned through hard knocks how to develop a quality product that’s going to last years to come, and we leverage that technology. So I’m really excited just about sharing it with a lot of the new industry affiliates in the marketplace today.”

Is there anything else Jasco is involved in that integrators should know about?

“Let’s talk a little bit about the pandemic because obviously this has impacted so many people in the industry. It’s impacted Jasco as well, however, probably not to the extent of many other companies. 

“We have a 650,000 square foot warehouse that allows us to stockpile product basically for situations just like this, which means less outages for consumers. We don’t have to wait to ship product, and when you’re in the middle of a large project, the last thing you want to do is be waiting on product.”

“We’ve thought through the product development side as well. Our engineers, our product managers, our marketing, and our graphics teams have [all] been working harder than ever.  So thinking about the future and what’s coming down the pipeline, we’re not going to have a lull before you see that next wave of new and innovative products.

“Additionally, I’d like to touch on just a little bit about what we call The Heart of Jasco. Every purchase that you make from Jasco literally improves lives worldwide. What I mean is food, shelter, [and] water disaster relief are just a few of the areas that we focus on, so every purchase you make, we’re going to give 50% of the net proceeds to nonprofits in support of these efforts.

“[We’re] not just supporting us and the communities around us, but also worldwide. So stop by our booth and say hi, or you can visit our website at byjasco.com.”

Be sure to visit Jasco’s booth during the CEDIA Expo Virtual Experience from September 15-17.

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