$413K Tiny Smart Home Merges High-Tech & Off-the-Grid Living

‘Space’ from Swedish company iOhouse is a portable 645-square-foot tiny smart home that takes just 90 minutes to set up with gear from Sony, Hikvision, and Assa Abloy.

$413K Tiny Smart Home Merges High-Tech & Off-the-Grid Living

The iOhouse Space tiny smart home is 12x5 meters and weighs 19 tons.

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Can a high-tech lifestyle coexist with an off-the-grid lifestyle? Yes, according to Sweden-based iOhouse, which is merging smart homes with tiny homes with the off-the-grid lifestyle in its new 645-square-foot- “Space” portable home.  

Billed as the “perfect fusion of technology and design,” the $413,000 home is completely self-contained. Solar panels and a generator provide the power for electricity, heat and Wi-Fi. It also has its own water and waste management systems that can accommodate two people living completely independently for two weeks, under normal living conditions, before needing to replenish the water tanks and empty the waste.

The self-contained nature of the home means it can be plopped down anywhere and in less than 90 minutes is ready to be lived in, according to the company. It is targeted as a second home, summer cottage or to be used as a personal office or professional studio. Space could be suitable for integrators with affluent clientele who embrace the off-the-grid lifestyle; however, it is unclear how much power the home could generate to accommodate a higher-tech lifestyle.

Appealing to the wellness crowd, the 12-meter long x 5-meter-wide tiny smart home is touted as “designed for people who value beautiful, natural locations. With our integrated technology and self-sustained systems, you can position your new house by a lake or a river, in the middle of the woods or even on the slope of a hill. Meadows or mountains, forests or fjords – live wherever your heart takes you.”

The smart tiny home is targeted as a second home, cottage home or even to be used as a backyard office.

The tiny smart home has a smattering of technology, with the real emphasis being placed on the self-sufficient nature of the unit. The tiny smart home comes fully furnished with:

  • Full control system from Comfort Click
  • Weather station monitoring temperature, air pressure, and precipitation
  • A 55-inch Sony UltraHD OLED TV AG9
  • Sony 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos 2x soundbar, plus eight Sony speakers and two subwoofers. There is an upgrade to Polk Audio speakers for an extra fee.
  • Wi-Fi ready
  • Lighting through is low-voltage 24V LED
  • Security system, including smart doorlock from Assa Abloy
  • Digital network security
  • Hikvision surveillance cameras
  • Smoke detector
  • Hot water monitor
  • Automatic GPS positioning
  • Internet-based app control
  • Sensors and switches from Jung and Siemens
  • Dishwasher
  • Gas cooker
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
  • Coffee machine/ hot water & steamer
  • Water purifier

The building has its own power plant, which can be monitored over the Internet, incl. battery charge, system condition, generator operation and solar activity, etc.

iOHouse, which is based in Stockholm, says, “No contracts, no obligations. The Space by IO House frees you from being shackled to utility networks. The revolutionary design also gives you freedom of location. With our integrated technology you can easily move your house to your ideal dream spot – be it by a lake, a river or on the slope of a hill.”