Holovision Supports Dealer, Sound Image’s Connect Home Initiatives

Texas-based SoundImage relies on the diversity of Holovision’s product line to meet his company’s various security system needs.

Typically when people think about connected homes, they envision blazing home networks with streaming media and voice-controlled devices. 

Modern connected homes offer a much broader array of technologies and solutions than just fast network speeds and streaming media. Complete connected homes offer homeowners everything from streaming media and fast networks, to lighting control, HVAC and security.

Addison, Texas-based SoundImage is a 20-year-old full service custom installation company serving the Dallas-area community. Providing its customers everything from lighting control and home automation, to home theater and whole-house A/V, SoundImage through president Tony Militello are delivering state-of-the-art home systems that don’t sacrifice performance and reliability to meet the whims of trendiness.

Home Security & Safety Vital to Quality Home Systems

As part of the shift in consumer preference, home theater is not the focal point of home technologies. Today of course it’s the network, and while important, the network remains only a piece of the puzzle.

The key to designing and integrating products, including networking devices, home control, streaming and security, is knowing what products deliver long-term performance and seamless interoperability capabilities. Finding that balance of performance, reliability and interoperability in his choice of security products, Militello says the Santa Ana, Calif.-based manufacturer Holovision, delivers everything he needs to meet the demands of his clientele.

“Holovision caters to the same custom nature of the luxury market as SoundImage’s clientele,” states Militello. “The Holovision product line is diverse and continually moving forward with the technology of the connected home. As a forward-thinking company, Holovision is expanding its product line to cater to the ever-growing connected home market.”

Holovision’s product line incorporates an array of product choices.  Some of product categories Holovision offers include voice-over IP intercom systems, intercom entry systems, and a choice of camera solutions.

Militello says that one of his favorite Holovision products is the MODEL 1088 Modular Entry System.     

Available in a choice of finishes, Holovision offers the MODEL 1088 is available in flush mount or gooseneck mount versions. The MODEL 1088 comes with a tamper-switch output for connections to alarm systems, as well as an auxiliary bell for connection to automation systems, camera and DVRs, and a hinge design that holds the unit in place to facilitate dealer service calls.

Holovision provides dealers a choice of either a stand-alone 12-button keypad or a 26-bit Wiegand output, and an illuminated keypad.

The MODEL 1088 is also designed to retrofit into existing backboxes, and Holovision adds it is a direct bolt-on replacement for the Doorking 1812.

“This modern entry station has a higher fit-and-finish than other entry stations, and it offers more customization to meet my clients’ specific needs,” notes Militello.

Some of the other products available from Holovision include the VIO2 voice-over-IP (VoIP) intercom, the VIO VoIP system, which adds video options and the Sentri 2.1MP IP camera.

Holovision says the VIO2 is TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, SIP, DHCP and multicast capable, and its relay options include one 12-volt DC at 700mA for strike or dry contact applications.

The VIO2 also includes two programmable GPIOs, firmware upgrade capabilities, 802.3at high-power PoE+ 25 watts, and a water/corrosion resistant finish.

Adding onto the capabilities of the VIO2, Holovision also offers its VIO VoIP intercom. The VIO adds onboard 10/100 Ethernet for IP camera video capabilities to provide users with the added assurance of video.

Holovision points out the VIO also incorporates many of the same features as the VIO2, and like the VIO2, the company offers versions for integration into Crestron, Control4, Elan, Savant and standard SIP systems.

The Sentri Mini Megapixel IP camera is available in versions that are and are not sensitive to IR, and all Sentri Mini Megapixel products incorporate 2.1 megapixel cameras. Holovision specifies the Sentri Mini Megapixel Camera to produce a maximum resolution of 1920x 1080 at 30fps, and it provides a choice of ONVIF and PoE.

In addition, the Sentri Mini Megapixel Camera offers micro SD/SDHC card support up to 32GBs, and it provides multiple user access with password protection.

Militello comments the diversity of Holovision’s product line represents how well the company has stayed on track with the ebb-and-flow of the market and consumer demands.

“Holovision is continually keeping with and staying ahead of consumer trends,” he says. “The people at Holovision are willing to adapt to any service request I have no matter how unique the request.”

The willingness to adapt to any dealer request is also reflected in how the company supports dealers with training. Militello says the Holovision staff is responsive to dealers, and if there is a problem, his technicians always receive quick follow-up support from the Holovision staff.

Offering his advice to the professional installation market, Militello adds that if dealers want to provide their clients with a choice of high-performance security solutions, Holovision’s product line delivers everything necessary to install a modern electronics system.

“We would recommend Holovision because it’s a top-end product for our luxury clientele channel,” he emphasizes. “It is a unique product line that is well made and reliable. From the dealer standpoint, Holovision has great margins and is willing to work with their dealers to ensure they are getting the product they need.”