Latest SpeakerCraft Subwoofers Deliver Big Boom for Today’s Home Entertainment Boom

Nortek Control brand SpeakerCraft offers new options, four sizes in comprehensive Subwoofer lineup leveraging Sunfire legacy.

Nortek Control brand SpeakerCraft offers new options, four sizes in comprehensive Subwoofer lineup leveraging Sunfire legacy, as senior director of product management Jeff Shaw tells CE Pro.

With today’s unique, exciting growth opportunities in the home entertainment and home cinema environments, coupled with the launch of an innovative new SpeakerCraft Subwoofer line, integrators are well positioned to increase projects and customer satisfaction.

There is no question sales have skyrocketed in this hot space and CI dealers are busier than ever as clients seek to maximize their family entertainment in every room of the house. Nortek Control is arming its dealers with a variety of new options to deliver the boom and augment audio designs by adding subwoofers, notes Jeff Shaw, Nortek Control’s senior director of product management.

For decades, the Nortek Control audio brands have led sound technology and are now equipped with comprehensive portfolio of CI speaker experience, awards and patents. Adding to this heritage, the new SpeakerCraft Subwoofer line leverages the best of the company’s historical inventions and expertise and brings them together with new 2021 innovations, Shaw says.

The SpeakerCraft Subwoofers lineup includes eight models in three series that span a range of sound technologies, finishes and price points. Technologies across the collection include leveraging of multiple Nortek industry firsts such as high-back EMF, ultra-compact size and innovative driver design, notes Shaw.

Leading the way, earlier this year SpeakerCraft introduced its SDSi Series in 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch woofer sizes, giving dealers a great deal of installation flexibility. The most recent introduction, the HRSi (also in those woofer sizes) and XTEQi-12 SpeakerCraft Subwoofers, were just announced earlier this month. 

SpeakerCraft Subwoofers Provide Flexibility for Theater Rooms & More

“As customers are wanting audio throughout the entire home, you want to hear the deep, rich bass tones in your system,” Shaw says. “And the subwoofer isn’t just for your home theater anymore, it’s for any room in the house.”

Also included are a wireless subwoofer kit for flexible placement and auto setup and refinement of acoustical room anomalies are an app button press. Plus, the solution integrates with Nortek Control sister-company ELAN control systems for an enhanced experience.

Throughout the new Subwoofer line designs, SpeakerCraft incorporated technologies honed by sister-company Sunfire, which over the years earned accolades as a pioneer in putting subs in challenging places.

“Without a doubt, we took everything we know about subwoofers from Sunfire and brought that technology into SpeakerCraft,” Shaw enthuses. “So we know these things really sound great. Dealers are going to love these, customers are going to love these.”

He adds that integrators can expect more from SpeakerCraft in terms of bolstering the boom even more. Learn more about the new SpeakerCraft offerings as well as how ELAN fits into the home theater mix by watching more from Shaw in the video above.