Give Customers a Better, Smarter Music Experience

Dealers can leverage Lenbrook’s robust BluOS platform to create a reliable, consistent and intuitive interface for controlling multiroom audio systems.

BluOS is a premium multiroom music system, developed by Lenbrook, the manufacturers of NAD Electronics and Bluesound, that seamlessly integrates with existing home automation systems using a home network and custom-built two-way drivers.

It allows customers to access and browse popular music streaming services and listen to music in high-resolution (up to 24-bit/192kHz) throughout every space of the home.

With an app for phone, tablet and desktop, and custom-built and tested CI drivers for the most demanding installations, BluOS offers a rich whole-home music experience with bit-perfect streaming across any network.

With BluOS, integrators can connect up to 64 zones of music, all supported by a dedicated team of experts via phone, live chat or email.

Control Interface Can Make or Break User Experience

Renowned for its processing power and support for high-res audio, BluOS can be integrated into Crestron, Elan, RTI, URC, KNX and Control4 systems to provide control of music in different rooms from any touchscreen, remote or keypad without any skips or delays.

“Software has a lot to do with how the customer interfaces with a product, it is where the rubber hits the road,” says Joe de Jesus, product manager, custom installation, Lenbrook.

“And how a customer basically interacts with the software can make for a pleasurable, or non-pleasurable, experience.”

Smartphones and tablets can also be programmed for control, with the rich and intuitive interface of the BluOS Controller App that includes deeper music browsing and enhanced controls.

“Whether they’re doing it on a smartphone, which might be Android, or using an iPad or using a PC in another room, there has to be a certain sense of uniformity across the three so the design cues from one interface to another are consistent,” de Jesus adds.

“It has to be something that they can rely on to find the same things in roughly the same places and go through the same steps.”

BluOS is available in a wide line of award-winning audio products from Bluesound, DALI Loudspeakers, Monitor Audio and NAD Electronics.