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Virtual Reality

Best of the Best of CES 2019

By Andrew Nichols · February 1, 2019 • With CES 2019 officially in the books, many tech sites have published 'Best of CES' lists and some patterns have become clear.

4 Hot A/V Trends in Higher Ed Technology

By Daniel Newman · November 7, 2018 • Many classrooms are seemingly stuck in the technological dark ages, but these recent higher education tech trends may finally bring schools up to speed.

20th Century Fox EVP on the Future of VR and AI in Storytelling: CEDIA Podcast

By Andrew Nichols · November 1, 2018 • John Penney of 20th Century Fox says virtual reality and artificial intelligence will change the film industry, requiring new forms of content creation to support personalized, interactive story telling.

Latest Modus VR Update Adds 2D Floor Plan Editor and Foosball

By CE Pro Editors · October 22, 2018 • After generating some buzz during CEDIA Expo 2018, Modus VR has updated its virtual reality platform to help streamline the design of media rooms.

MelodyVR Brings the Concert to Your Couch

By Lisa Montgomery · October 11, 2018 • Integrators can now offer customers a true-to-form, effortless concert-going experience, all in the comfort of their own home.

CTA Mid-2018 Report: Smart Speakers, 4K TVs to Reach $17B+ in Combined Revenue

By CE Pro Editors · August 1, 2018 • The Consumer Technology Association released its 'U.S Consumer Technology Sales and Forecasts' report, which suggests 4K UHD TVs will be the top revenue maker for residential A/V pros.

2018 CEDIA Talks - Like TED Talks for the Smart Home

By CE Pro Editors · July 26, 2018 • 'CEDIA Talks' at Expo 2018 feature 12 short presentations for smart-home pros in areas such as wellness, blockchain, robotics and 'multidimensional light.'

Move Over HDBaseT, VR Industry Embraces USB-C for One-Wire Tech

By Julie Jacobson · July 20, 2018 • Backed by Oculus, Microsoft, AMD and Nvidia, new VirtualLink is one-wire USB-C standard for VR headsets that promises high resolutions, fast data rates, HDR, power and more.

Cameras that ‘See’ Obnoxiously Loud Noises + Other Geeky Stuff from CEDIA Tech Council

By Andrew Nichols · June 27, 2018 • CEDIA Tech Council podcast ponders the location-based VR, Apple's new software updates, acoustical cameras that 'see' the noise and other emerging technologies.

Audeze and Waves Partnership Creates Improved 3D Headphone Listening Experience

By Robert Archer · March 19, 2018 • Targeting professional users, a newly formed alliance combines technologies from Audeze and Waves to deliver a 3D audio sound field.

Online Quotation Tool Provides Smart Home, VR, Home Theater Estimates

By Alice Gustafson · March 23, 2017 • Andrew Lucas London's online quotation tool allows homeowners to scope out their smart home or home theater project and receive instant VR diagrams and an estimation.

ALLie 360-Degree Camera Delivers Much More Than Security

By Robert Archer · February 28, 2017 • ALLie 360-degree Wi-Fi security camera supports 4K Ultra HD, content sharing on Facebook and YouTube, and virtual reality. It also has voice control capabilities under development.

Comparing Virtual Reality Headsets: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR, Google

By Alice Gustafson · December 30, 2016 • Will VR change the home theater experience as we know it? We look to Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR, Google Cardboard an others for clues.

12 Smart-Home Predictions for 2017: VR, Voice, Sound, Homekit, More

By Chelsea Cafiero · December 23, 2016 • How will we see virtual reality, voice control, Apple HomeKit, video steaming and immersive sound evolve in the next year? 12 home-tech pros, some dealers and some manufacturers, offer predictions for 2017.

Julie Jacobson’s 9 Themes from CEDIA 2016

By Julie Jacobson · October 14, 2016 • Video doorbells, Amazon Alexa, 4K projectors, productivity software, virtual reality, up-and-coming wireless audio formats and other key themes from CEDIA 2016.

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