EPV Screens New PolarMax Aerie Tension Screen Hides When Not in Use

By Robert Archer · July 26, 2019 • EPV Screens' new PolarMax Aerie Tension Screen is ISF, GREENGUARD and UL certified, and the company's latest motorized screen product also mounts in the ceiling to hide from eyesight when not in use.

IES vs. UL: Battle Over Circadian Lighting ‘Standards’

By Julie Jacobson · May 28, 2019 • Who should set standards for human-centered (circadian) lighting? Illuminating Engineering Society blasts UL for publishing Recommended Practice "without the full rigor of an ANSI approved Standard."

Fire or False Alarm: Kidde Has First Smoke Alarm to Meet New UL 217 Standard

By Lisa Montgomery · May 20, 2019 • TruSense technology enables Kidde smoke alarms to meet new UL 217 safety standard for distinguishing real fires from harmless smoke.

Latest on UL Cybersecurity Standards for IoT Devices

By Rodney Bosch · April 19, 2019 • UL Technology & Security director Andrew Jamieson says the world doesn't need another IT security standard but does need cybersecurity oversight of IoT devices. He provides an update on UL's Cybersecurity Assurance Program (CAP).

Breaking the Code: Navigating Power Protection Options

By Robert Archer · April 4, 2019 • Application-based power management and surge suppression solutions can be difficult to decipher. What is real and what is hype?

UL Opens Free Catalog of Safety Standards for Online Viewing

By CE Pro Editors · February 26, 2019 • UL is now offering free, open-access online viewing of its entire library of over 1,400 UL Safety Standards to help address safety, security, and sustainability challenges.

Elite Screens Aeon CineGray Rejects Ambient Light, Features Edge-Free Design

By Robert Archer · January 29, 2019 • The acoustically transparent Elite Screens Aeon CineGrey is a fixed-frame projection screen featuring an edge-free design to help compliment the interior design of many homes.

Johnson Controls’ NVR Earns First UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program Certification

By CE Pro Editors · March 30, 2018 • Developed under the Tyco Cyber Protection Product Security Program, VideoEdge NVR becomes the first product to be officially certified by UL's Cybersecurity Assurance Program.

Cybersecurity Liability: Who’s to Blame if One Bad IoT Device Topples the Whole Network?

By Jason Knott · December 12, 2017 • The state of IoT cybersecurity: UL says smart-home integrators and manufacturers share liability when IoT systems are hacked, warns home-tech industry to implement guidelines and best practices.

UL Issues First Managed Video Monitoring Services Certification for Remote Guarding

By CE Pro Editors · October 6, 2016 • Elite Interactive Solutions of Los Angeles becomes the first to receive certificate of compliance to UL 827B and UL 827.

UL to Host Seminar on High Speed A/V Interface Cable at CEDIA

By CE Pro Editors · October 13, 2015 • UL will host the seminar "Performance & Reliability Solutions of High Speed Digital Audio/Video Interface Cable" on Oct. 16 during CEDIA Expo 2015.

CEDIA Q&A: UL Previews 4K A/V Interface Cable Performance Verification Program

By CE Pro Editors · October 12, 2015 • UL discusses its 4K A/V Interface Cable Performance Verification Program for CEDIA Expo 2015, which covers 10.2 Gbps and 18 Gbps cables.

Battle of the 4K Cable Certification Marks: UL, HDMI Licensing, DPL Labs

By Jeff Boccaccio · October 6, 2015 • Both Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and HDMI Licensing, LLC are launching test and certification programs for 4K-capable HDMI cables. Jeff Boccaccio, the original HDMI certification guy, weighs in on the challenges.

CEDIA Scoop: UL to Launch 4K HDMI Cable Certification Program

By Robert Archer · October 2, 2015 • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) goes beyond "safety" testing, launches certification program at CEDIA to validate performance of 4K connectivity cables.

Behind the Scenes: Qualifying Wearable Materials

By CE Pro Editors · September 1, 2015 • Wearable devices must be able to be worn for extended periods of time without rashes, burns or other skin irritation. A team of UL researchers explains how these devices can be tested to help ensure physical safety for wider adoption.

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