Smart Appliances

How LG Aims to Broaden Integrators’ World

By CE Pro Editors · April 24, 2019 • LG pushes CE pros to an array of products that are not traditional for the channel, from smart appliances to steam cleaners, using its Quest for Quality Award-winning website with 30M monthly users.

Smart Appliances on Track for 36% Global Growth by 2023

By CE Pro Editors · March 6, 2019 • Research from Futuresource Consulting suggests homeowners will continue to embrace smart appliances due in part to their ability to create new experiences in the home.

6 Key Features Consumers Want in Smart Appliances

By Jason Knott · December 28, 2018 • Whirlpool consumer study reveals improved efficiency and reduction in water usage, electrical usage, and waste are the most desired benefits from smart appliances.

Report: Still No Smart Appliances or Energy Monitoring

By Julie Jacobson · February 16, 2012 • ABI research suggests 24 million smart appliances and 36 million home energy management systems (HEMS) will ship by 2017.

Appliance Retailers Invade CE Market

By Julie Jacobson · October 20, 2011 • Major appliance dealers are making the move to custom electronics, but CE pros are missing potential opportunities in smart appliances.

Where are the Smart Appliances?

By Julie Jacobson · August 23, 2011 • Here's why smart appliances will not make CE Pro's list of 5 Top Home Technology Opportunities for 2012.

3,500 to Attend CE Event; Smart Appliances Top Agenda

By Julie Jacobson · August 22, 2011 • Nationwide Marketing Group, representing appliance, furniture and CE resellers, kicks off PrimeTime conference this week. SEN group emphasizes the integrator's role in smart appliances.

LG Smart Upgrader Takes on Google TV

By Grant Clauser · January 7, 2011 • At CES 2011, LG unveils Smart Upgrader set-top box that adds Internet connectivity and apps to any HDTV.

Sub-Zero May Have First Viable Plan for Smart Appliances

By Julie Jacobson · January 6, 2011 • Luxury appliance brand shows integration with Control4 home control system via ZigBee wireless technology; some 30 models of major appliances already automation-enabled.

GE First with ZigBee Smart Energy Appliances

By Julie Jacobson · May 18, 2010 • GE Appliances & Lighting will introduce major appliances with built-in ZigBee technology for communication with smart meters and the smart grid, but they won't connect to the smart home ... yet.