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11 Smart-Home Vendors to Present Elevator Pitches at CEDIA Expo 2018 TechBites

By CE Pro Editors · July 26, 2018 • Which one of these 11 companies will showcase the most innovative smart-home and audio/video products at CEDIA Expo 2018 as part of inaugural TechBites reveal?

Sonnen’s Home Energy Storage System Yields RMR from ‘Virtual Power Plants’

By Jason Knott · April 11, 2018 • Sonnen EcoLinx home battery storage system is targeted solely at the custom integration channel, with RMR opportunity to create Virtual Power Plants for the smart power grid.

HTSA Touts Home Wellness as Next Big Thing in Lighting, IAQ, Acoustics, Home Automation

By Arlen Schweiger · April 10, 2018 • Don’t call it a buying group; the Home Technology Specialists of America ‘trade consortium’ welcomes record attendance to its spring conference, where emerging technology such as Delos’ DARWIN home health/wellness platform, energy management were highlighted.

RoseWater Energy Group Brings Integrator Receptions and Training Classes to CEDIA

By CE Pro Editors · September 2, 2016 • RoseWater's intelligent energy management solutions featured at CEDIA 2016.

RoseWater Energy Group Announces Enhancements to the Energy Management HUB

By CE Pro Editors · August 31, 2016 • CEDIA ‘Best New Product’ finalist set to feature product advancements at CEDIA 2016.

Rich Green Ink Installs RoseWater Energy Management HUB

By CE Pro Editors · August 30, 2016 • Rich Green, owner of Rich Green Ink, reflects on his experience with RoseWater Energy Group and its Energy Management HUB. See the updated HUB at CEDIA 2016.

CEDIA Q&A: RoseWater Energy Group Presents Energy Management HUB

By CE Pro Editors · August 24, 2016 • The Energy Management HUB has been reengineered with an updated configuration to include more kilowatt hours and an Extra Battery Pack (EBP), a supplemental battery for HUB owners looking for additional power.

Rosewater to Hold Receptions & Dealer Training at 2016 CEDIA Expo

By CE Pro Editors · August 24, 2016 • The power-management company is holding a pair of dealer receptions, and a training event during the CEDIA Expo.

CEDIA’s Best New Product Finalists for 2016, with Commentary from CE Pro

By CE Pro Editors · July 26, 2016 • The official winners will be revealed at a press conference on Thursday, September 15 as well as recognized that evening at the CEDIA Celebration, hosted at Gilley's Club in Dallas.

Integrator Deploys Battery-Powered Hub to Help Power New Showroom

By Jason Knott · June 23, 2016 • Residential battery backup and power quality system from RoseWater Energy Group is installed by Boca Theater and Automation in Boca Raton, Fla., to power its new showroom and to be showcased to clients.

Top 5 Home Technology Trends and Opportunities for 2016

By Julie Jacobson · January 22, 2016 • Audio and video analytics, home automation user empowerment, the 4K UHD ecosystem, LVDC power distribution and front-door amenities such as smart doorbells top CE Pro's 2016 Top Home Tech Trends to watch for 2016. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Julie Jacobson’s CEDIA 2015 Post Mortem: Trends, Opportunities & Standouts

By Julie Jacobson · December 11, 2015 • CE Pro founding editor Julie Jacobson recaps CEDIA Expo 2015, highlighting technology trends and a few "winners."

Time to Ditch 120V AC? How a Low-Voltage, DC-Powered Home Might Work

By Grayson Evans · November 24, 2015 • Has the 240/120V AC residential infrastructure outlived its usefulness? Inspired by Tesla Powerwall, an industry veteran explains how we could get to the the old 'Smart House' vision of a low voltage, DC-powered home.

How RoseWater’s Giant Home Battery is Different from Tesla’s

By CE Pro Editors · October 19, 2015 • CE Pro contributor Wayne Ortner responds to the question of whether or not Tesla's Powerwall has made the RoseWater Residential Energy Storage Hub obsolete following his article from CEDIA Expo 2015.

RoseWater Energy: Biggest, Baddest, Cleanest, Greenest $60K Power Supply Ever

By Wayne Ortner · October 16, 2015 • During CEDIA Expo 2015, RoseWater Energy showcased its Energy Storage Hub. With an AC cabinet, nano carbon battery cabinet and lithium ion battery cabinet, it offers uninterruptable power supply with zero transfer time and provides conditioned electricity to protect home and office electronics. Two versions of the Hub retail for $60,000 and $80,000.

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