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Ezlo Acquires Centralite Systems, Adding ZigBee to Z-Wave Home-Automation Portfolio

By CE Pro Editors · July 15, 2019 • Centralite is Ezlo's third smart-home acquisition in a year, after smart-home platform developer MiOS (Vera) and Z-Wave device manufacturer Fortrezz.

Top 2018 Home Tech Mergers & Acquisitions: IoT, Security, Smart Home, A/V, CE

By Julie Jacobson · December 31, 2018 • 2018 was big for mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, spinoffs, and other transactions in home electronics, including IoT, smart home, lighting, security, audio/video, wellness and the installer channel.

eZLO Acquires Smart Home Platform MiOS

By Jason Knott · August 17, 2018 • eZLO, an OEM of wireless automation products, acquires smart home provider MiOS and its Vera controls for undisclosed amount.

IoT Loose Ends: Alarm.com, Icontrol, Comcast, Vivint, Qolsys, FTC and the Smart-Home Landscape

By Julie Jacobson · December 27, 2016 • FTC scrutinizes acquisition of Icontrol by Alarm.com and Comcast; Vivint Smart Home cries foul; Who knew Alarm.com owned Zendo and a chunk of Qolsys?; and who are the IoT competitors these days? (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Intel, Amazon to Demo Tiny Smart Home at CES 2017 Powered by … MiOS?

By Julie Jacobson · December 25, 2016 • MiOS, one of our favorite sleepers in the smart-home-as-a-service (SHaaS) space, is powering a Tiny Smart Home at CES 2017 featuring Intel IoT solutions, Amazon Alexa, Nest, Philips Hue and other home-automation devices. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

URC Goes Down-Market with MX HomePro Smart Home Hub and Remote Control

By Julie Jacobson · September 29, 2016 • CEDIA 2016: URC’s new MX HomePro is modeled after its HomeSet for the security market but made for the custom A/V channel. Retails for $600 with an option for Z-Wave.

The Marketing Challenges of Remote Controls and Home Automation

By Julie Jacobson · June 29, 2016 • Lessons from Logitech Harmony, Savant Remote and others: Are they universal remote controls or home automation hubs?

Who Will be the Next Icontrol?

By Julie Jacobson · June 17, 2016 • If Icontrol is acquired by Comcast and Alarm.com, we'll see a gaping hole in SHaaS (smart home as a service) providers for integrated home automation and professionally monitored security. Here are some likely contenders as the 'next Icontrol'. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Nortek Buys 25% Stake in MiOS

By Jason Knott · April 8, 2016 • Transference of technology between mature MiOS platform and various Nortek brands will enable branded apps to hit the market quickly and speed up the delivery of the ultimate 'interface-less' connected home.

Vera from MiOS Introduces 24/7 Professional Security Monitoring and Video Archiving

By PRESS RELEASE · January 6, 2016 • Vera DIY security and home automation system now includes optional monitoring through Vera Central Monitoring Service.

CentraLite Making Home Automation Hub for Lowe’s Iris, But Who is Providing IoT Platform?

By Julie Jacobson · July 21, 2015 • FCC document shows ZigBee, Z-Wave and BLE home automation hub alongside Lowe’s Iris literature. But who would provide the SHaaS (smart home as a service) platform -- Zonoff, Icontrol, MiOS?

French Telecom Giant Orange Launches €10/month DIY Home Automation

By Julie Jacobson · November 7, 2014 • Vera/Mios anchors Homelive home automation kit from French telecom giant Orange, which also includes peripherals from Fibaro and Aeon Labs.

MiOS: The Biggest Home Automation Platform You Never Heard of

By Julie Jacobson · January 11, 2013 • At CES 2013, ask MiOS about some of its big home automation wins including Orange Telecom, URC, Actiontec and others. Move over Motorola/Arris 4Home and iControl?

Consumers to Download Almost 1B TV Apps by 2015

By Julie Jacobson · May 17, 2010 • How many ways can apps be delivered to the television? GigaOM Pro discusses embedded, browser-based, network-based and cloud-based app platforms.