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Circuit City

I Blame Circuit City for the Tech Labor Crisis

By Jason Knott · May 27, 2016 • The lack of skilled labor crisis facing the custom electronics industry is rooted in the demise of the 'farm team' breeding grounds of Circuit City, Tweeter, Sound Advice and other lost retailers. That vacuum is still being felt today.

Circuit City Movie to Debut at Film Festival

By Steve Crowe · October 26, 2010 • "A Tale of Two Cities: The Circuit City Story" is dedicated to the employees who built Circuit City into a retail powerhouse, only to watch it descend into bankruptcy and liquidation.

Circuit City Stores Returning?

By Steve Crowe · March 25, 2010 • That might not be so far fetched, according to one report.

Can hhgregg Replace Tweeter?

By Tom LeBlanc · February 4, 2010 • Specialty retailer may be infiltrating Circuit City's former markets, but it's filling Tweeter's old role.

Report: Amazon and Walmart Take Bites Out of Best Buy

By Tom LeBlanc · January 17, 2010 • Study shows Amazon’s electronics reputation and Walmart’s market share are growing — at Best Buy’s expense.

Tweeter Brand Up for Sale

By Tom LeBlanc · November 16, 2009 • Liquidator is accepting bids on Tweeter's intellectual property until Nov. 30. "National retailers" are among the bidders.

Consumers Not Quitting on Circuit City

By Tom LeBlanc · November 12, 2009 • CircuitCity.com has “reactivated” the chain’s old customer base, according to positive Q3 2009 earnings.

Circuit City Firedog Employees Defy Cargo Pants Rule

By Julie Jacobson · December 22, 2006 • An exclusive investigation into just what makes up cargo pants.