7 Affordable 4K Projectors That Complement Home Theaters and Media Rooms

By Robert Archer · July 10, 2019 • BenQ, Epson, JVC, Optoma, Sony, Viewsonic and LG all offer affordable projectors. Here’s a look at these companies’ cost-friendly 4K projector solutions.

5 Lingering Myths About 4K Home Theater

By Jason Knott · June 4, 2019 • Most integrators are not really selling 4K display performance and don’t understand the difference between UltraWide Cinema at 16:9 or 2.4:1.

Hands On: BenQ HT9060 4K LED Projector is Ideal for Multipurpose Rooms

By Robert Archer · March 20, 2019 • The new $8,999 BenQ HT9060 is the company's latest flagship 4K HDR projector. The HT9060 it delivers bright, crisp images with vivid colors.

BenQ DLP Projectors Deliver UltraHD 4K Images for Under $10,000

By Robert Archer · January 22, 2019 • BenQ's new HT8060 and HT9060 CinePro 4K UHD HDR home cinema projectors feature its CinematicColor technology.

BenQ’s New $1,500 TK800 4K Projector is Made for Sports Lovers

By CE Pro Editors · March 8, 2018 • New HDR-capable UltraHD projector offers "Sports Modes" that preserve skin tone while enhancing green fields or wooden courts; dedicated sound modes enhance color commentary and accentuate referee whistles and sneaker squeaks.

BenQ HT2050A Projector Reproduces 96% of Rec. 709 HD Standard

By Robert Archer · January 31, 2018 • Reasonably priced $750 BenQ HT2050A projector delivers 1080p images and 96 percent of Rec. 709 standard. Installation options include vertical lens shift, and horizontal and vertical keystone correction.

Review: SnapAV Demos Exclusive BenQ LED Projector with Dragonfly Screens

By Robert Archer · July 18, 2017 • CE Pro heads down to SnapAV headquarters to check out how BenQ's HT9050 LED projector plus the latest Dragonfly screens can create a turnkey multimedia system.

10 Best Projectors for Video Games

By CE Pro Editors · June 8, 2017 • Gamers should look for short-throw projectors with low input lag, ample light and color, color, color. Here are 10 of the best projectors for video games on the big screen.

Hands On: BenQ HT4050 Projector Delivers Big Bang-for-the-Buck Performance

By Robert Archer · November 22, 2016 • BenQ’s HT4050 home theater projector has a very small footprint, capable of 1080p and both vertical and horizontal lens shift. Check out our hands on review.

State of 4K UHD Projectors at CEDIA: DP to Launch $20k TI-Powered Unit

By Julie Jacobson · September 6, 2016 • The new 4K UHD home cinema chip from Texas Instruments is almost shipping, and Digital Projection plans to rival Sony, Barco Loki, Sim2, JVC, Epson and others with native 4K UHD projectors at CEDIA 2016. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

BenQ EW2750ZL Monitor Improves Picture Quality in Long Viewing Sessions

By Robert Archer · November 17, 2015 • The EW2750ZL monitor from BenQ is a 27-inch monitor features technologies that are designed to enable users to comfortably view the display for long periods of time without fatigue.

BenQ Gets into Audio with treVolo Bluetooth Speaker

By Rachel Cericola · November 28, 2014 • treVolo electrostatic speaker has a collapsible wing design and bidirectional sound.

BenQ W7500 Produces High Brightness and Contrast Levels

By Robert Archer · April 2, 2014 • BenQ's new W7500 projector is compliant to the Rec. 709 color specification ISFccc certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF).

Hands On: BenQ W1500 Wireless 3D Projector

By Robert Archer · January 23, 2014 • BenQ's W1500 Projector is an affordable solution that produces a bright and vivid image for cable and Blu-ray content with praise-worthy 3D performance.

BenQ VW2235H Monitor Eliminates LED Flicker Issues

By Robert Archer · December 12, 2013 • Using a minimalist industrial design, BenQ's new 22-inch VW2235H monitor includes ZeroFlicker technology to eliminate LED flicker issues.

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