Magna Audio Aura Series of Audio Products

The Brazilian audio company Magna Audio has updated its Aura Series of home-friendly products.

Magna Audio explains that it has added three new size options to the product line. Developed to balance the aesthetics that homeowners want and the performance that music lovers desire, Magna Audio states the Aura Series 3-inch Full Range option provides more than a 1,000 SKUs through a choice of colors, grilles; the possibility of lighting, and the choice of 8- or 16-ohm operation.

At the upcoming CEDIA Expo 2021 show the company will show its Aura Series Aura 6. This product is a 125-watt, two-way component that produces a wide dispersion pattern, and it is 91dB sensitive. The on-wall speaker can be used in situations in which homeowners don’t want a subwoofer.

The new Aura 4 shares the same cabinet as Magna Audio’s Aura 3, but it employs a 4-inch 60-watt driver to improve its power capabilities. The company says the Aura 4 can be used to complement home theater systems that incorporate a design element.

Magna Audio’s new Aura Mini Aura Series speaker is a smaller version of the Aura 3 speaker and it features similar cabinet characteristics. The company recommends using the Mini with the Aura Sub to offer homeowners full-range system solutions.

The company adds all Aura Series components are hand-made in aluminum and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

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