L-Acoustics SB10i Subwoofer

L-Acoustics has earned a reputation in the professional sound reinforcement market as a go-to, high-performance manufacturer. As it enters the residential market, the company has announced its new SB10i subwoofer, which meets the demands of high-performance home and commercial applications.

The company states that its engineering team took on the challenge of providing residential users a subwoofer that delivers the power of its traditional SB subwoofers in a home-friendly enclosure. L-Acoustics explains the SB10i incorporates a single 10-inch driver; 27Hz bandwidth limit, and it provides maximum SPL levels as high as 124dB.

L-Acoustics emphasizes the new subwoofer measures just over 21 inches long, by 21 inches wide, by 6.7 inches tall. The SB10i weighs just 33 pounds and according to the company, the sub complements its X4i and 5XT ultra-compact coaxial speakers.

In addition to its home-friendly sizes, L-Acoustics notes the SB10i subwoofer is offered in its full array of RAL colors to allow integrators to employ the subwoofer into high-end residential environments, as well as commercial interior spaces that include hospitality settings, sports venue luxury boxes and museum installations.

L-Acoustics adds integrators can place the sub underneath couches, behind chairs and other similar locations. The SB10i’s “tech face” provides all the necessary connections and mounting points all in a single location to help hide hardware and cabling.

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SB10i Subwoofer
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