Adapt Unified Communications Products

The newly established EPOS audio company has introduced a co-branded line of unified communication products with Sennheiser.

EPOS states that its new product line provides a choice of headsets and features such as the ability to switch between devices by pairing two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

The line includes four models: The Adapt 360, which carries an MSRP of $269. The Adapt 400 wireless neckband, which carries an MSRP of $329. The $329 Adapt 560 that includes a foldable boom arm that incorporates two microphones. The flagship Adapt product is the $439 Adapt 660 that offers Amazon Alexa voice assistant to help users complete a variety of work-related tasks.

Other features built into the products include active noise cancelling and Microsoft Teams compatibility.

In addition to its line of conferencing solutions that includes a full selection of accessory products, EPOS also offers a complete line of gaming headsets and accessories.

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