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EPOS Participating in Zoomtopia Event

Since 2019, EPOS have developed a portfolio of Zoom-compatible headsets and speakerphones. In 2021 marking a milestone for the company with the certification of the ADAPT 130 USB-C II, ADAPT 160 USB II, ADAPT 231 and ADAPT 260 for Zoom Personal Works

Sep 14, 2021


EPOS Study Finds WFH Audio Needs Improvements

EPOS' new 'Understanding Sound Experience 2021 Report' shows that WFH audio is severely lacking and could impact the ability for workers to remain productive.

Jun 03, 2021

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Expand Vision Series of Collaboration Products

Adding to its selection of collaboration products, EPOS Audio has announced its Expand Vision Series of products. Among the new products within its Expand Vision Series is the 3T, which is a video bar that is certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms on An

Apr 23, 2021

Products EPOS

Expand Capture 5 for Microsoft Teams

With the release of the Expand Capture 5 for Microsoft Teams, EPOS is providing employees with the ability to work from home or the office without sacrificing functionality. Epos‘ newest product automates live transcriptions to allow remote cal

Mar 25, 2021

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EPOS Introduces Amplify Partner Program

The EPOS AMPLIFY Partner Program encourages participation from a broad range of partners, and it is created to differentiate themselves in a rapidly changing and evolving market. Rather than focusing on evaluating partner levels from revenue targets

Feb 24, 2021

Product Briefs EPOS

EPOS adds More Certified Microsoft Teams Products

EPOS has announced that it is expanding its range of UC headsets Certified for Microsoft Teams by including its IMPACT MB Pro Series. The series, which was previously certified for Skype for Business, now offers a firmware upgrade to be Certified for

Oct 20, 2020