Somfy and Cisco Partner to Create Automated Shading for Smart Buildings

Somfy, a manufacturer of tubular motors for interior window coverings and exterior solar protection products, is now able to integrate with Cisco to provide automated shading solutions for smart building environments.

Having worked together on the first all-digital hotel, The Sinclair, Somfy and Cisco have continued a partnership based around creating smarter and more adaptive building environments. While Cisco is a leader in networking and Power over Ethernet, Somfy brings 50 plus years of experience in smart shading products for both residential and commercial projects.

“Cisco is redefining the way the construction industry looks at the digital building of the future, and to have Somfy as part of that journey is exciting,” says Ty Saville, commercial building solutions manager for Somfy North America. “The Cisco and Somfy partnership underpins Somfy’s core business mission of improving occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and peace of mind.”

At a time when buildings need to function more efficiently for owners and occupants, both Cisco and Somfy deliver smart solutions to keep costs down and improve occupant comfort. Adding smart shading expands the scope of PoE smart building technology to include the management of natural light.

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“It is our partners who provide the vast array of devices, sensor and controllers that make a smart building truly effective. Allowing their devices and applications to communicate with other previously disparate devices and applications broadens a whole new horizon of what is possible,” says Jeremy Witikko, CTO and global director of smart buildings for Cisco.

As companies begin to move back into an office environment, the two companies believe smart buildings can help create safer, healthier spaces. Natural light is an essential component in wellness, productivity, and morale, and can also help buildings be more energy efficient and sustainable. Automated shading also works in perfect harmony with other smart building applications like artificial lighting and HVAC to create more comfortable building environments.