Xbox Project Scarlett Promises an 8K, 120fps Gaming Experience

The newly announced Xbox Project Scarlett comes with goodies like 8K support, ray-tracing, solid state drives, and a next-gen AMD processor.


E3 is the video game industry’s biggest show of the year and is often used to showcase some of its most important advancements. Microsoft was the first major company to present something, and started the event off with a bang by announcing its new generation of consoles, nicknamed Project Scarlett, due out in Fall 2020.

While Microsoft intentionally withheld some information, there’s still a lot to be excited about.

First and foremost is Project Scarlett’s support for 8K. The release video mentioned “8K capabilities,” which likely means the console will upscale content for use on 8K flat-panel TVs and projectors.

Microsoft also announced the next-gen console will support 4K @ 120fps, a major feat considering the current generation Xbox One X has a limited number of titles supporting 60fps gameplay.

New AMD Processor, Ray-Tracing, and More

Another major upgrade available in Project Scarlett is a brand new, custom-made processor by AMD. This new processor will be able to shorten loading times significantly (thanks in part to Microsoft using SSDs as virtual RAM), leading to a smoother and more realistic gameplay experience.

This new processor enables Microsoft to provide the first console with high-end PC capabilities meant for use in a living room or gaming room area.

The other piece of news generating a ton of buzz is the console’s inclusion of real-time ray-tracing, a relatively new light-rendering technique that gives CGI and video games massively more realistic lighting and shading.

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This gives Project Scarlett a lot of flexibility and potential in the modern smart home. Being able to provide a customer with a seamless, high-tech gaming experience in their home theater or living room area could give them more ways to entertain at a high level than ever before, not to mention the possibilities related to its 8K capabilities.

Wouldn’t adding one of these consoles to a brand new 8K TV install make an integrator look thoughtful? And what about the possibility of selling a nice 4K or 8K TV to go along with a Project Scarlett?

While we won’t know if the console will support third-party control/automation or if it will sport a 4K UltraHD Blu-ray player, rumors have been swirling that one or both of these features may be included in the final product. 

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