Triad Distributed Audio Series Designed for Multi-Room Audio

Range of 14 models of Triad speakers in Distributed Audio Series offer options for multi-room audio setups.


Multi-room audio is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. It helps to have options, due to budget constraints, room acoustics, and other variables. In effort to offer integrators with many multi-room loudspeaker options, Control4 has introduced 14 new speakers as part of its Triad Distributed Audio Series.

The Series includes speakers with pivoting tweeters or of various sizes and in-wall and in-ceiling configurations. All models ship with a white, round, low-profile grille, however, replacement square grilles are available.

“Our new Triad Distributed Audio Series speakers were thoughtfully designed to satisfy a wide range of listeners, as the demand for multi-room audio solutions for any budget is requested by builders, contractors, dealers, and homeowners,” says Charlie Kindel, senior vice president of Products and Services for Control4.

“The 14 in-wall and in-ceiling models sport features Triad is known for to suit every installation application, from beautifully subtle, low-profile, customizable, and frameless grills, to consistent voice-matching. There’s a Triad DA Series speaker for everyone.”

Distributed Audio Series Lineup

The most affordable option, this series comes with two speakers—either an in-ceiling (TS-IC61) or in-wall (TS-IW61) model. The speakers feature polypropylene woofers and ¾-inch aimable cloth dome tweeters.

In-ceiling and in-wall models in the Distributed Audio Series 2 are acoustically-refined, built around reinforced poly-mica woofers and featuring aimable Teteron dome tweeters.

All four in-ceiling models (TS-IC52, TS-IC62, TS-IC82, and TS-IC82DT) and two in-wall models (TS-IW62 and TS-IW82) are voice-matched so that various speaker configurations can be employed. For projects trying to squeeze stereo sound into a smaller space, the Distributed Audio Series 2 TS-IC82DT model incorporates dual tweeters.

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Designed for clients demanding exceptional sound in every room, Control4’s Triad Distributed Audio Series 3 in-ceiling speakers deliver. Four in-ceiling models (TS-IC53, TS-IC63, TS-IC83, and TS-IC83DT – with dual tweeters), and two in-wall models (TS-IW63 and TS-IW83) include one-inch aimable silk dome tweeters and carbon-fiber woofers.

Distributed Audio Series 3 in-wall speaker models also come equipped with an integrated back box. All Series 3 models are voice matched.  

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