Sonos Available Through Crestron, the Only Home Automation Co. with Embedded Sonos App

Home automation leader Crestron to offer Sonos products through buying portal; strengthens relationship with national dealer events and app-within-app.


Today, Crestron is the only home automation company that has the complete Sonos app embedded in its smart-home system. Other vendors (including Crestron) can integrate to a nominal degree with Sonos wireless audio systems, but if you want the full slate of Sonos features, only Crestron can deliver with an app-within-an-app.

Now Crestron gets a step closer with the audio provider by offering Sonos products to Crestron Technology Professionals (CTPs) in the U.S. as part of their normal ordering process.

The full range of Sonos products are available with Crestron’s shipping options.

“Our dealers can place one purchase order right from Crestron and get products at the same price as Sonos direct,” says John Clancy, VP residential systems for Crestron.

The process “ensures products arrive together,” he tells CE Pro. “We have a relationship with their shipping department. Typically it takes three or four days for products to arrive from Sonos. Ours is usually two to three days. They’ll align with that.”

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Clancy notes that Sonos is working hard to improve its reputation among home-technology integrators, many of whom dismiss the brand for its consumer DIY focus.

Crestron has participated in a number of Sonos roadshow events this year, where some 40 or 50 integrators spend a day with the audio company and its partners.

“Their goal is to stay focused on the channel,” Clancy says. “A good portion – maybe 30 to 40 percent – of U.S. sales go through the custom installation channel.”

Sonos has held about 40 of these events so far, usually in vacation properties rented through VRBO.

Sonos and its partners usually give away substantial gifts. For its part, Crestron offers Pyng systems and gift cards.

Crestron itself doesn’t expect to make a killing on direct Sonos sales. Instead, the new service is “really more about strengthening our relationship and helping our dealers,” Clancy says.

Crestron participates in one of dozens of Sonos dealer events around the U.S.

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