Rayva Introduces Three New Dealer Support Programs

Rayva’s new premier dealer, showroom purchase, and installation support programs are designed to increase Rayva’s support and involvement in the process of selling home theaters.


Rayva, a supplier of fully personalizable turnkey home theater environments, recently introduced three new programs for its dealers. Rayva says its new programs—including Premier Dealer, Showroom Purchase, and Installation Support—make it easier and more profitable than ever to sell and support home theaters.

“We’ve been listening to dealers and are excited to provide programs that are based on their feedback on making selling home theater even easier,” says George Walter, president of Rayva.

“What’s especially exciting is that dealers are sharing with us that through these new programs they’re inspired again to sell home theaters. It’s neat to see the channel responding with such positive feedback!”

Premier Dealer Program

The Premier Dealer Program offers advanced tools and support for Rayva's Premier Dealers. The company has invested in the development of customized tools and marketing collateral that will help better position home theaters for the dealer’s clientele.

Participants in the program get access to a co-branded version of Rayva’s Online Configurator Tool, which makes it easy to select and specify a Rayva theater via a step-by-step process that utilizes CEDIA industry standards to determine acoustics, optimal viewing criteria, seating, and the appropriate screen size for the chosen space.

The co-branded Configurator also includes optional password-protected entry, logo, and the dealer’s choice of up to six different seats and pricing. A personalized customer info page prefills the dealer’s name and address.

Under the Premier Dealer Program, participants will also receive Rayva’s Design Booklets, a Premier Dealer listing on the Rayva website with a link to the dealer’s website, and social media promotion by Rayva targeted at high-net-worth individuals within 50 miles of the dealer’s location is also included for the first three months.  

Showroom Purchase Program

Rayva's Showroom Purchase Program gives dealers the option of installing a Rayva Home Theater design in their own showroom, which the company says makes selling its theater packages easier than ever.

The program includes room drawings, acoustic elements, and lighting. Dealers simply provide the space (no greater than 20×12 feet), their own electronics and seating, and Rayva does the rest, including installation.

Under the Showroom Purchase Program, Rayva will rebate the dealer $5,000 for each theater sold through the showroom to a maximum of the original dealer cost, which varies based on packages.

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“There is no tool more successful in selling than giving the customer an experience he or she will never forget. Sitting in a Rayva theater, surrounded by incredible interiors, immersed in the best possible audio and video, does just that,” says Walter. “This new program gives dealers the opportunity to purchase and install a Rayva theater that can truly end up paying for itself!”

Rayva also provides “extensive marketing support to promote the dealer’s new showroom,” according to a press release, including a grand opening party, public relations, promotion to the local community, Rayva Brochures, and promotion to be undertaken by Rayva itself, including website and social media advertising.

Additionally, those enrolled in the Showroom Program will enjoy all the benefits of a Premier Dealer.

Installation Support Program

The new Installation Support Program provides dealers with the option to have Rayva personnel onsite for free initial installation support.

The company will travel to a job site and assist with the installation of a Rayva theater to ensure the end result will provide an exceptional entertainment experience.